An update on our friend Owen Mahan

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Love the smile on Owen Mahan

Owen’s mom, Susan, joined The Steve Cochran Show today to talk about how Owen has been doing. Owen just had his 50th surgery on June 6 to amputate his second leg four inches under his knee. He also had skin grafted to stretch his neck and between his shoulders. Although Owen is home now and doing very well, his recovery wasn’t without difficulties as we almost lost him two weeks ago. But, in true Owen fashion, he prevailed! He will be recovering for the next few weeks at home and will be fitted for prosthetics and we are hoping he will be walking by August.

Backstory: Owen was burned in a scalding bathtub full of water at the age of 2. Susan Mahan adopted him soon after. Owen is 9-1/2 now.

You can support Owen here..

Go Fund Me account: If Owen Can We Can

Facebook page: IfOwenCanWeCan (all one word)

For cards and gifts (he loves funny hats and Nerf guns!):

Owen Mahan
302 E. Brixton Woods Drive
Pittsboro, IN 46167