Maureen Muldoon & Cathy Richardson’s Voice Box: Where a song becomes a story and a story becomes a song

Cathy Richardspon & Maureen Muldoon's Voicebox at FitzGerald's. Photos by Lise Graham.

Storytelling nights are starting to become dime a dozen in Chicago proper, but Maureen Muldoon moved from LA to the western suburbs, she felt a severe lacking in nearby storytelling outlets. So, when she saw Cathy Richardson play, she knew that together they could create a suburban sanctuary for storytellers at the picturesque & soulful Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. They both joined Rick and Lise After Hours to talk about their journey, the structure of the special monthly night that marries words with song & why telling stories aloud is so powerful & important.

Find out more about upcoming Voice Box nights on their website.