Abbey Waterworth and ‘NRA’: Keeping an American musical heritage alive

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(L-R): Nick Sibley, Ruell Chappell, Abbey Waterworth, Dave Hoekstra and Donnie Thompson.

Dave Hoekstra welcomes vocalist/bassist Abbey Waterworth, producer/musician Nick Sibley, keyboardist Ruell Chappell and guitarist Donnie Thompson who were in town for FitzGerald’s Nightclub’s Springfield Jamboree, celebrating the music that came out of the “unknown home of country music”, Springfield, Missouri.  The 20-year old Waterworth talks about her unlikely fascination with musicology and the range of great songs and acts that came from Springfield and getting in touch with Sibley and Chappell (the N and R, respectively).  Former Skeletons member Thompson gives some insight on Springfield as a music town in contrast to the likes of the polished control of Nashville and the gimmickry of Branson, and more.