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Saturday Night Special 5.20.17 | The Culture of Busy

Amy Guth

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, Amy takes on the culture of “busyness” and the myriad of ways that staying constantly busy has affected our lives.

As always, Amy enlists the help of a group of experts in order to find out why and how we got so slammed with activities.

First, Vivian Giang of Fast Company talks about the affect that our constant busyness has on our physical health. Can we operate at 100% if we don’t give ourselves a break? Giang has some answers.

Next, professional psychologist and coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin returns to the Saturday Night Special to explore our emotions surrounding busyness and why it feels good to advertise our packed schedules.

Author Laura Vanderkam calls in to talk about her New York Times op-ed, “The Busy Person’s Lies”, and her radical time experiment that revealed we may have more time on our hands than we think.

Finally, Columbia Business School PhD candidate Jon Jachimowicz talks about busyness as a status symbol and the conflict between Protestant work ethic and the “leisure class”.