Airbnb hosts in Chicago made $67 million in 2016, company says

A map complied by Airbnb shows where hotels — represented by purple dots — are located, as compared with blue dots representing listings on Airbnb. (Airbnb / via DNAinfo)

CHICAGO — Chicagoans who rent out their homes and apartments via Airbnb earned $67 million in 2016, according to a report compiled by the home-sharing service designed to spotlight the boost the firm has given Chicago’s economy.

The San Francisco-based company had a total economic impact of $331 million on Chicago in 2016, according to the report.

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Typical hosts — who rent out their home or a portion of it — earned $4,100 in 2016, according to the company. In all, 7,600 Chicagoans rented their property through the service used by another 103,000 Chicagoans to find a place to stay, according to the report provided to DNAinfo.

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