Comptroller Susana Mendoza discusses the relaunch of the Comptroller’s Critters Program

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Susana Mendoza & Steve Dale

Illinois State Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza joins Steve to talk about the resurrection of the Comptroller’s Critters Program (in memory of Judy Barr Topinka) that supports pet adoptions from animal shelters.  They will also talk about the bill still hangin’ on in Illinois that supports puppy mills. And if you live in IL, you or members of your family might have money that’s just waiting for you to claim it from the offices of the Illinois State Treasurer. It’s called Illinois iCash website. Find out how you can claim your money from the state in this podcast!

*To find out how you can join the Comptroller’s critters program, please contact Charles Hagopian with the Illinois Office of the Comptroller at (312) 814-1053 or by email at