Steve Dale’s Other World: Dogs and Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer, and the non-profit Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) is helping to spread information and supporting research, all saving lives.

Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) co-founder and executive director Vallie Szymanski and Board Member Dr. Kurt Kleptisch reveal amazing news – dogs may help in the effort to create a blood test for ovarian cancer (and even other types of cancers). This isn’t science fiction, and the experts describe just how close we are.

You read that right – dogs. It’s intriguing, and we explain.

Speaking of which, Darlene Arden, who recently passed away because of ovarian cancer, was one of the greatest dog writers of all time. OCSA now has a fund in her name to further the research which involves dogs. Truly, if you know someone who succumbed of ovarian cancer or for that matter any kind of cancer – the time is now to help out, as researchers as close.

In our discussion, we also highlight silent symptoms of ovarian cancer. All women should know these – as it may save a life.