The Carry Out 3-24-17: “People are leaving Cook County but I’m fine with population loss if it brings down the line at Walgreens on Saturday afternoon”

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A Walgreens's store. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Carry Out is the nightly segment where Justin reads the newspaper so you don’t have to. Tonight’s top stories include the GOP failing to get enough votes for their new healthcare bill, the internet going crazy over a photo of a group of white men trying to take on reproductive rights, a Cook County Judge ordering the state to pay lawmakers in Illinois during the budget impasse, President Trump approving the completion of the Keystone Pipeline, Cook County recording the largest population loss of any county in the US, the Bears signing back-up quarterback Mark Sanchez, the Hawks beating the Stars, Michigan and Purdue losing in the NCAA Tournament and Netflix announcing that Adam Sandler will do four more movies with them over the next few years.

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