Wintrust Business Lunch 1/9/17 | Chicago Inno weighs in on CES and Should Illinois hospitals have to pay property taxes?

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Steve Bertrand with Chicago Inno

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with  Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes:  Chicago Inno (Jim Dalke and Will Flanagan), Randi Shaffer (Social Media for the Chicago Tribune), Lisa Schencker (Chicago Tribune Health Care Business Reporter).

Steve begins the show talking with the Chicago Inno guys (Jim Dalke and Will Flanagan) about the recent CES Event in Las Vegas and highlight some of the local companies that made some news out there, as well as hit on some of the most ridiculous things to debut at the conference.

Then, Steve brings on Randi Shaffer, social media expert at the Chicago Tribune, to discuss the latest in tech trends and what’s been happening in the world of Instagram/Snapchat and more!

Finally, we welcome Lisa Schencker (Chicago Tribune Health Care Business Reporter) to report on if Illinois hospitals should have to pay property taxes… and what the court system has to say about it.

All this and more on The Wintrust Business Lunch!

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