“Elton Jim” Turano, Jim Turano, Captain Pod-tastic, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge. Bob Crachit, Marley's Ghost, Tiny Tim
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“Elton Jim” Turano presents a fun and dramatic one-man performance of Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol”


In this 34th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano presents an exciting one-man telling of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Performing all the characters with distinct voices for all the characters, hear “Elton Jim” bring to life such memorable characters as Scrooge, Marley’s Ghost, Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim, and all the rest.  It’s a reading of the story that will help inject a dose of Christmas spirit for years to come.