Full Show-Mark Carman: December 24, 2016

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Mark Carman (Glenn Kaupert)

Mark Carman is filling in tonight for Matt Bubala. Mark went to the movies to Manchester by the Sea and explains how emotional he became watching that movie. Mark wonders why did he go and see a sad movie that he knows was going to make him cry. Mark and WGN News anchor Roger Badesch go through the list of sad movies and how with age you become more emotional. Do you like sad movies and what are they? Listeners weigh in. Thirty sad movies of all times are listed. According to reports actress and author Carrie Fisher has had a massive heart attack; her career is discussed. CEO John Haber of Spend Management Experts talks about the future of shopping via  e-commerce and m-commerce. What positive things are you looking forward to in 2017 are mentioned. Mark sits down with JR Reynolds who talks about chasing his dream to play professional basketball at 27. Reynolds served in the Army after he was a manager at Jiffy Lube in his early 20’s. He was injured jumping out of a plane, but is still able to play basketball and is headed to Iceland to play professionally this winter.  Someone who has largely achieved everything he has in life on his own, Reynolds is pursuing a psychology degree and plans to be a therapist after he is done playing basketball.