Thanksgiving Leftovers with Patti Vasquez – Full Show

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Leftovers are great!

What’s a good cure for a food coma? Leftovers, of course! Patti Vasquez is joined by friends Elliott Serrano, Paul Farahvar, Adam Selzer, Ronni Davis and Todd Belcore for their 3rd Annual Second Thanksgiving Feast to share their most traumatic, ecstatic and dramatic moments from Turkey Day. They debated the merits of pretzel jello salad and tofurkey, and heard from some callers about their favorite memories. Then, news broke that beloved television mom Florence Henderson passed away, and the gang, along with a couple listeners, reminisced on some of their favorite Brady Bunch moments. Next, everybody did some yoga to try to expedite digestion from their second feast and they talked about Black Friday. Once the show wrapped up, everybody gallivanted over to Kohl’s for some good old fashioned Black Friday deals.