Music Monday: R&B Musician Aryk Crowder joins Patti in-studio

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Chicago’s very own R&B/soul sensation Aryk Crowder joined Patti and Paul in-studio to promote his upcoming release, “2×4, Vol. 2.” According to his website, his sound is “all innovative, creative and certainly DIY, but Crowder’s ethic also hearkens back to a time before DIY was hip or underground. With his own two hands, Crowder isn’t building walls in order to stand-out, so much as bridges.”  He played a couple tracks off his new album and then talked to the gang about the election”circus,” the Cubs, and the struggles of keeping a gig booked in Chicago during the World Series.

Check out Aryks’s website and head on over to Martyr’s for his record release show November 10th.