Cubs-themed burial site offers a season ticket for eternity

"Perpetual skyboxes" is how Dennis Mascari, who built Beyond the Vines, referred to the vaults. (Patty Wetli] / DNAinfo)

NORTH PARK — Is this heaven?

No, it’s Bohemian National Cemetery, where an unusual burial site, “Beyond the Vines,” offers Cubs fans the next best thing to a final resting place under Wrigley’s center field bleachers.

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Covered in ivy, with a “scoreboard” perpetually set to 1:20 p.m., Vines’ 24-foot-high brick wall mimics Wrigley Field’s but is actually a columbarium, which is similar to a mausoleum, only for urns, not caskets.

Sound a little creepy? It’s meant to produce the opposite reaction.

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