Live blog: 2016 NLCS Game 3 – Cubs at Dodgers

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We’re live blogging Game 3 of the 2016 National League Championship Series – Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:12 PM

Two up, two down for the Cubs. Ben Zobrist is batting third tonight.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:13 PM

And Zobrist flies out to center

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:20 PM

Seager rips a single to left

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:24 PM

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:32 PM

And Rizzo draws a walk. He needed that

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:42 PM

Rizzo steals second. And Soler draws a walk. Two on. One out. T2.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:46 PM

Cubs can’t get the runs in. Dodgers coming to bat in the 2nd.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20167:53 PM

Fowler and Soler run into each other while tracking a deep fly ball. Both are fine. Oh, and Fowler made the catch.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:01 PM

Hill already at 49 pitches in the 3rd. Could be another early exit for the lefty.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:02 PM

First hit of the night for the Cubs goes to Kris Bryant.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:13 PM

Seager drives in the first run and advances to second after Soler’s throw home. LA 1 Cubs 0. B3.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:29 PM

Rich Hill has one-hit the Cubs through 4.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:40 PM

Grandal takes Arrieta deep to right on a 3-2 count. Dodgers lead, 3-0. B4.

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:40 PM

Cubs just look flat tonight

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:42 PM

Time to panic 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:42 PM

Series might be over 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:43 PM

Or, #letsgo 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:43 PM

Been done before 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:44 PM

Marian Hossa goal #500

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:45 PM

Half way ok sign for Russell. Hit the ball fairly hard the other way. Does that in the second its a run. Tough to have him and a non hitting catcher in the lineup right now. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:46 PM

Don’t Panic Carm. Just relax. It’s only Game 3.

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:47 PM

Jake staying in. Maybe for his bat. 2 outs in the 5th. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:48 PM

Rich Hill is Sandy Koufax

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:49 PM

Rich Hill and his 89 mph fastball are cruising past the Cubs right now. One hit through five.

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:54 PM

Top of the order. Top 6. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:56 PM

Cubs havent score for 14 innings as we start the 6th 

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:58 PM

Cubs have gone down 1-2-3 in 10 of the last 14 innings 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20168:58 PM

Your boy KB17

markcarman23 October 18, 20168:59 PM

Bryant a single to left. 2-3. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:01 PM

3-4-5 hitters 0 for the last 17. #Cubs. Per Joe Buck. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:02 PM

Joe Blanton warming up if you are looking for hope. #Miggy 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:04 PM

Rich Hill blows a fastball by Rizzo for strike 3. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:09 PM

Carm, you can start panicking now.

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:09 PM

Arrieta pulled. For Jake Arrieta to get another start this year the #Cubs would have to force a game 7. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:10 PM

Justin Turner hit’s his 2nd homer of the postseason to center. Dodgers lead, 4-0. B6. Arrieta’s done.

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:10 PM

Or, be in the World Series. My panic is always present Kevin Powell. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:11 PM

Travis Wood on. We almost got Rob Z. I play softball with a Rob Z. Plays a great 3B. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:20 PM

#Cubs lead all postseason teams with 12 runs in the 7th inning or later. No problem. #letsgo 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:21 PM

When Jorge Soler comes up next inning he will not have had a hit since September 15th. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:32 PM

No Soler. Coghlan in.

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:33 PM

Coghlan will save us

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:34 PM

54,269 in attendance tonight

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:36 PM

Thank you for the quick review, MLB. That’s how it’s done. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:36 PM

Angel Hernandez the first base umpire. Same Ump that Mongo yelled at in 2001. 

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:38 PM

Heyward pinch hitting for Russell. So… in the bottom of the 7th Cubs will have Heyward in right, Coghlan in left, Baez at SS and Zobrist at 2B. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:38 PM


Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:49 PM

An off day for Russell coming?

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:53 PM

markcarman23 October 18, 20169:58 PM

Fowler first Cubs runner at 2b since the second inning. Here comes the closer Jansen. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 20169:59 PM

Jansen time.

Kevin Powell October 18, 201610:03 PM

KB17. No problem for Jansen. Cubs trail, 4-0, B8.

markcarman23 October 18, 201610:10 PM

I’m sick. Not deathly sick. But, sick. 

Kevin Powell October 18, 201610:12 PM

Dodgers add another. 5-0. 

markcarman23 October 18, 201610:13 PM

Maybe stealing 3rd up 5-0 will spark something. #Letsgo

Kevin Powell October 18, 201610:18 PM

Carm, Steve Kerr is here. Want me to pass along any messages? 

Kevin Powell October 18, 201610:28 PM

Ballgame. Tune into our postgame show NOW!