Kathy and Judy live blog 10/15/16

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Texts from the Kathy and Judy Show.

Kristin Decker October 15, 201610:31 AM

Election anxiety:

It’s great for depression and anxiety. F&#¤. I can’t wait til it’s over to get back to my life. I turn the tv off, I turn it back on cause I might have missed something. I keep hoping that people might wake up. I’m scared.

I blocked two of my sisters on Twitter weeks ago because they are supporting opposite candidates and I couldn’t take the bombardment of political tweets and their passive aggressive fighting.

I dislike both candidates very much and I feel like both can lead us down the wrong path, but I also try to not worry about it and avoid reading much of the news, because it seems like everything is getting worse on both sides and making me more nervous than I was about this a month ago! But we’ll definitely survive this, I think both will only serve one term.

This election is wreaking such havoc on my mental health that I just turned off your radio broadcast in case I somehow heard that either one of you even hinted at supporting T because I feel that would permanently affect how I feel about you

Kristin Decker October 15, 201610:57 AM

Things you have forgot:

I hid my tablet before going on vacation, in case of robbery. Got back home and had no recollection of where I put it. Found it a month later by chance.

I have left back sliding door of my van SEVERAL times.. sometime on a parking lot. Sure lucky it was still there.

always worry about early dementia, but I think we’re all distracted.

I was giving my infant baby a bath in her bath tub. I had bought it on sale. Well, it started leaking and I was shouting no wonder why it was so cheap. However, it leaked because I didn’t have the plug in. The joys of new motherhood.

18 years ago I received an Alessi tea kettle as a housewarming gift from a very good friend. I kept it on my stove as an art object and also used it and my friend was happy to see it was well liked. Well one day I put the kettle to boil and forgot about it and totally destroyed the pot. So I went to replace it and discovered it cost $250! I bought it and it went on display on my stove again BUT I NEVER USED IT AGAIN! I bought a $40 electric auto shut-off kettle and now use that. But hide it when my friend comes over!

Twice. Forgot to put coffee pot in coffee maker. Coffee everywhere. What a mess

I left the sprinkler outside on all night long oh my God and water is not cheap where I live Ugh. Love you two!!!

Kristin Decker October 15, 201611:29 AM

Word or phrase you want abolished:

Best practices!

I hate BROKEN as describing someone who is sad or had tragedy in their lives. Ugh


The new Newspeak term Optics drives me absolutely nuts


AWESOME!! When calling to order something you’re asked your address and reply is “awesome”!!!!

I don’t like the word “ta”. I went ta the store. It should be i went to the store.

Transparency is so annoying


My bad

I hate the word “curated.” it used to only be used for museums, but now everyone uses it!

“Basically & essentially” & I second “transparency”!

Price point. – yeuuuu!- inside of price

My word is “amazing”.

The word “LOOK”. Ex: Look, we have all made mistakes. Shouldn’t it be “Listen”?

I hate passion and my passion

My newest annoying word is “vetted.” I don’t recall hearing it in the past at all, and now it seems I hear it at least once a day.

When actors and entertainers work on their “craft”.

The word that annoys me is ginormous

Kathy and Judy : sports people saying “verse” instead of “versus”. And a phrase, to an interviewer: “that’s a great question”

Kristin Decker October 15, 201611:56 AM

Sexual assault:

My Neighbor , who I adored, called in into his basement and proceeded to masterbate in front of me with a big grin on his face. He also tried to rub on me . I was twelve and never told anyone. Our families were close.

1991 I was a freshman in college. I went to a party with a guy I just met. He drugged my drink. The next thing I know we were in my dorm room. I was in a haze and couldn’t move while he was having oral sex with me.
My roommates knew but I didn’t do anything about it because I didn’t want my parents to know.

A man came out of a tavern and started following me, caught up to me and started talking to me. Abruptly he turned and kissed me. I pushed him away and walked away. Fortunately, he did not follow. Nothing has to jog my memory. I’ve never forgotten. I’m 66 now and was 13 at the time.

I was sexually assaulted in college by a guy who was friends with my sister’s boyfriend. I never told anyone. When I told my husband about this a few years ago because I was worried about my daughters going away to college, my husband reacted in a way that shocked me. He blamed me and said it was my fault for drinking too much at the party I had attended that night. Now I see why women don’t reveal these situations. This week has brought this all back to me.

I was molested when I was 4 years old by my dad’s friend. Then all throughout my childhood I was pursued relentlessly by a family member who would touch me while I slept. Then my step-dad reached into my shorts while watching TV while other family members were in the room, but couldn’t see. Then a man reached under my skirt and grabbed my genitals when I was a waitress

The tears have been plenty this week. From the memories of the assault and from the anger that being assaulted by words is just “locker room talk”!!!

I was 12. It was a great uncle. Yeah it all came back this week.

Im a guy…it happened to me as a child and as an adult…womem have grabbed me too…

Was grabbed and pawed in a corner neighborhood store by the owner i was ten he was also named mr feldman

I worked for the state police. I worked a weekend kids program. Lab analyst not police officer. We slept in a college dorm with no locks on doors. The men started drinking after kids went to bed. I excused myself and went to bed. In middle of night I woke up to a high level police officer leaning over my bed and starting to put his hands all over me. I threw him off and kicked him out. I shakes all night long. Next day he pulled me aside and apologized. I never spoke of it again.

My resent college grad is struggling with this very thing. First incident in high school and 2 to 3 other incidents in college. My husband and I were talking and wonder what is the cause of this. Do we look at sex as being too casual and animalistic right. Alcohol too much of factor for our young adults? All I know is our daughter is now trying to deal with these encounters now as a young women building a life on her own. So sad we have this issue to deal with.

Kathy and Judy:When I was 13 I went through a carnival fun house with my friends and in the dark someone who was in the house grabbed my crotch from behind, very aggressively. I was so shook up that when I came out I didn’t even tell my friends what happened. Or anyone for many years.

ll view of the other two fire department personnel – fondled my breasts. My parents & sister were in the other room. Never told anyone.

Oh the memory….. I am a Surgical nurse. On call 12:30 am going into the OR scrubbing at scrub sink…..surgeon that I had to spend the next hours with cupped both my breasts before he walked into the OR to talk with anesthesia… I was afraid to lose my job. So many compromises to keep things going in a man’s dominant environment.

At 13 my grandfather molested me at my father’s 40th birthday party. I only told my older sister. Never told my parents. My grandfather never did it again. I was careful never to be alone around him again. I knew it was not my fault. But felt dirty and worthless. I am 63 and remember like it was yesterday.