The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 10-11-16

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Justin Kaufmann listening intently in the Allstate Showcase Studio

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20167:07 PM

True Blue! Cubs pregame coming up with Justin, Carm and Kevin!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20167:43 PM

Alright, Cubs will be battling, but we’ll have a show for you until post-game! 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20167:44 PM

Mike Fourcher on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget, David Singer on his new movie, Dweezil Zappa on his father’s legacy and TJ Jagodowski and Abby McEnany on The Worst!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20167:54 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20168:03 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20168:13 PM

Hi Mike.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 20168:42 PM

Check out David Singer’s movie. It’s terrific!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 201610:17 PM

Some great #TheWorst’s tonight!

Know what’s the worst? When your vegan wife orders a
grilled cheese without the cheese. That’s called toast


The worst is all the freaks,perverts and foul-smelling
psychos I get 2 ride with on the CTA


When you try to scare your grandmother on Halloween and she
ends up hitting you out of excitement


I work in a very busy restaurant in the financial district.
The worst is when people just walk past our host stand and say….do I just
grab a table? Ummm….what actual restaurant do you just grab a table? Sure I’m
just standing here to tell you to keep walking pat me and grab a table.


The worst is when you have a bloviating overgrown potato
that looks like he is having a 3 hr enema and colonoscopy combined running for


What’s the worse? A dead skunk in the middle of the road!!


The worst is rizzo,russell, fowler,hayward


The worst is Mousse. It’s just snobby pudding with

peterzimmermanwgnam October 11, 201611:03 PM

That’s it for the show tonight! Thank you for listening. Stay tuned for Cubs post-game and tomorrow night’s opening night for the Hawks!