Live blog: 2016 NLDS Game 3 – Cubs at Giants

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We’re live blogging Game 3 of the 2016 National League Division Series – Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20168:21 PM

First one here?

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:37 PM

KP checking in

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:39 PM

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20168:42 PM

Bryant gonna homer off Bumgarner tonight 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:43 PM

UPDATE: Kris Bryant is still good

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20168:43 PM

Where’s @thecarm

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:44 PM

Idk. Probably doing @thecarm things

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:46 PM

Classic Bumgarner. Filthy.

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:50 PM

Command. Command. Command. That’s what it’s all about tonight for Arrieta.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20168:55 PM

…and Big Papi’s career is over  

Kevin Powell October 10, 20168:57 PM

Strong start for Arrieta

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20168:58 PM

Lots of pitches though 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:01 PM

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:06 PM

Boo birds for Baez

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:12 PM


Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:12 PM

What an at-bat for Javy 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:15 PM

WOW!! Arrieta just hit a three run jack. Cubs up 3-0. T2.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:16 PM

Unbelievable !

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:25 PM

Was talked about yesterday…pitchers that can hit. Bumgarner and
Arrieta both said they treat each other as position players at the

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:27 PM

Jake wants nothing more than a complete game shutout. 

Adam Hoge October 10, 20169:31 PM

Carm is being anti-social, watching by himself and now refusing to move because Arrieta homered. 

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:32 PM

Big 3-2 pitch…

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:32 PM

Bang! #Arrieta 

Adam Hoge October 10, 20169:32 PM

That was a nasty pitch. 

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:32 PM

Carm is smart and respecting 90 

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:33 PM

9 goose eggs Carm, agree?

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:33 PM

You don’t give up runs after that HR

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:33 PM

Arrieta hit a 3-run homer. Has that been mentioned? 

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:34 PM

Im going online ExpressMen right now 

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:35 PM

3 runs win this game? 

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:35 PM

Giants O/U runs tonight is 0.5

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:37 PM

Giants pitcher Matt Moore is being asked in-game about watching Arrieta hit. Bizarre interview 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:37 PM

Zobrist….big numbers against Bumgarner.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:38 PM

Hey Matt

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:39 PM

Cubs making it look easy against Bumgarner

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:39 PM

How does it feel to know you won’t touch the mound one time in the entire series?

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:41 PM

Bumgarner at 65 pitches. Action in the bullpen.

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:44 PM

Making the move. Going to hug Adam Hoge and Andy Masur

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:52 PM


Adam Hoge October 10, 20169:52 PM

Hahaha. Carm moves and the Giants score. 

“That’s fine,” he says. 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:53 PM

haha yes!

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 20169:54 PM

Premature hug?

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:56 PM

I hate when I premature hug.

markcarman23 October 10, 20169:56 PM

A reminder you can even more of my amazing thoughts at @thecarm on twitter. 

Kevin Powell October 10, 20169:58 PM

classic at the carm, plugging @thecarm

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:01 PM

Get Andy in here

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:07 PM

Former White Sox great Conor Gillaspie at the plate

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201610:18 PM


Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201610:22 PM

How nervous ?

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:30 PM

Carm, you ok?

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:34 PM

Belt with a sac fly to right. Span Scores. Cubs lead down to one. 3-2. B5.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201610:35 PM

Jake starting to get squared up hard 

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:35 PM

Posey 3-3

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:37 PM

Derek Law replaces Bumgarner

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:39 PM

Arrieta at 85 pitches

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:39 PM

Grimm was warming up. Now Montgomery is up.

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:40 PM

Big E5 from former White Sox great Conor Gillaspie

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201610:40 PM

Heyward should be in right field ASAP

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:50 PM

Remember when Carm and Hoge were contributing to this blog? Good times

Kevin Powell October 10, 201610:56 PM

Right call. Not enough to overturn that.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201610:56 PM

Carman can’t focus 

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:05 PM

To the 7th we go. Cubs up 3-2

markcarman23 October 10, 201611:05 PM

Starting show now. For those who can’t watch. Including me. 

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:17 PM

Heyward in right. Zobrist in left now.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201611:19 PM

Maddon listening to me

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:19 PM

Travis Wood in to pitch to lefty Brandon Belt.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201611:20 PM

Also this is stupid late for a playoff baseball game to still be on

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:27 PM

Yea it is.

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:31 PM

Cubs still leading 3-2. T8. Rondon in the pen.

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:40 PM

Belt singles off Wood. Here comes Rondon.

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:48 PM

Maddon bringing in Chapman

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201611:49 PM

Oh boyyyyyyy

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:51 PM

No outs. Two runners on. 6 outs away from the NLCS. Yea, you bring in Chapman. This is what you gave up all those prospects for.

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:53 PM

One down. Five to go.

Sam Panayotovich October 10, 201611:55 PM

Never liked Chapman

Kevin Powell October 10, 201611:55 PM

The unexpected, again! Conor Gillaspie drives in two with a triple off Chapman. Giants lead, 4-3. B8.

Sam Panayotovich October 11, 201612:06 AM

Chapman couldn’t even get two outs

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:08 AM

That was awful.

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:16 AM

Cubs down to their last three outs. It’s the top of the order in the 9th trailing 5-3.

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:16 AM

Sam, did you like Maddon bringing in Chapman in the 8th?

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:22 AM

Kris Bryant! Two run homer. Unreal. This game is insane.

Sam Panayotovich October 11, 201612:25 AM

Going to bed … 12:24 am … Great job Major League Baseball zZzZzZz 

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:33 AM


Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:42 AM

Cubs can’t score in the 10th. Giants coming to bat.

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:50 AM

To the 11th we go

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:56 AM

Nothing doing for the Cubs. Giants up to bat. Approaching 1am in Chicago.

Kevin Powell October 11, 201612:59 AM

Feels like this game started a week ago.

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:00 AM

Panik starts things off for the Giants with  a single up the middle.

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:16 AM

The Giants coming to bat in the 12th

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:21 AM

UPDATE: Hunter Pence is still fast

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:24 AM

To the 13th we go…

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:32 AM

David Ross into hit

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:42 AM

Crawford a leadoff double…the Giants a base hit away from ending this.

Kevin Powell October 11, 20161:45 AM

That’s it. Giants win in 13th, 6-5. Tune into WGN now for the postgame show.