The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 10-6-16

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Justin Kaufmann in the Allstate Showcase Studio

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20167:15 PM

Happy to bring you 4 hours of entertainment tonight! The great Thomas Jones coming up after 8pm!!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20167:35 PM

We’ll talk Bears injury report with Adam Hoge next! 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20168:00 PM

So excited to have journalist Eric Schlosser in-studio! He’ll be at The Big Table up next!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20168:10 PM

Check out Command and Control:

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20168:23 PM

Look at the trailer:

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20168:24 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20168:32 PM

Oh, and go see the film this week.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 20169:05 PM

The great Thomas Jones coming up next. Remember when the Bears were good???

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:02 PM

It’s going to be a Cubs episode of Swap Meet! Tell us about your cool Cubs stuff.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:03 PM


In the mid 80’s I used to babysit for Bill Buckner’s kids.
He was always very nice


Ran into carlos Zambrano at gun world in Bensenville taking
target practice before a game. 


peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:04 PM

Cool, Sid! 

Hi. This is Sid! I am texting in about this signed ball
from Ryan Dempster I have. Just wanted to share this because I thought it’s
pretty cool. I’m 11 and a big fan of the show!

 Incoming MMS Image from Unnamed

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:13 PM

Greg brings in the coolest stuff.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:31 PM

Listeners have cool stuff, too!

I have brent c brooks warm up jersey from the day they won
the stanley cup in two thousand ten autographed and authenticated and also
autographed by stan makita 

CB#: 8155435835



1969 sports illustrated cover with Fergie Jenkins as cy
young winner signed by Fergie HOF


Ceramic Cub uniformed bear Jim Beam bourbon decanter. About
18 inches tall. With original box. Still has booze in it!!!


I have a “Fergie Jenkins HOF ’91 “

Signed baseball.

Plus a bill Buckner signed ball


Playboy magazine with Cubs ballgirl?


I have a Cubs doll that looks like the 1915 or so uniform.
It’s a boy about 20″ tall, feels like it’s filled with a buckwheat type
filling. It’s definitely old, just don’t know how old…


peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201610:49 PM

More great Cubs stuff from The Download Nation.

I have an autograph book signed by all the 1969 team. Is it
worth anything?


a ball signed by Fergie Jenkins


I have a 2006 Medinah PGA Championship golf ball signed by
Ernie Banks. (And a picture of him signing it) any idea what it’s worth?


Have White Sox program signed by Sammy Sosa

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201611:01 PM

That’s it for the show tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow with Cubs pregame and Week in Review with Walter Jacobson and Robin Robinson!!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 6, 201611:01 PM

See you tomorrow at 7!