Powell at the Park: White Sox introduce Rick Renteria; rebuild on the way?

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Rick Renteria (WGN Radio)

By Kevin Powell

The White Sox know who their manager will be in 2016. Other than that, things get a bit blurry. In Rick Renteria’s introductory press conference today, general manager Rick Hahn didn’t indicate whether a full rebuild is on the way or if they’ll stick with the core and add pieces around them.

“Everything’s been discussed over the course of the second half of the season,” Hahn said.  “Ranging from a more expansive and aggressive effort towards adding to this core to put ourselves in a position to win with this group quickly.”

Hahn added: “To the other extreme, is it time to take a more drastic step back and focus more down the line and use our current assets to build ourselves up for the future?”

Do they build around pitchers Chris Sale and Jose Quintana? Or do they ship them out and construct a healthy farm system that makes the Sox competitive in the future? If Hahn gets a fair return on those two guys the Sox minor league system would immediately become one of the best in baseball. The Sox and Cubs have drastically different situations, though it’s easy to look at what’s been done on the North Side; executing a rebuild that’s delivered two postseason berths. But that’s a team run by Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer. Two guys that have proven they have an eye for talent. Can Hahn and Kenny Williams be trusted in the same way? If the Sox deal Sale and Quintana and miss on the prospects it’s a complete waste.

It’s been eight years since the Sox last made the playoffs. The fan base’s frustration is at an all-time high. Whatever decision the Sox make this winter it better be the right one, otherwise it’ll just be more of the same on the South Side in 2017.

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