The Lisa Project knocks out cancer, one chemo care package at a time

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Cancer survivor Lisa Shivers knows what it’s like to be on chemo-therapy. After being diagnosed with non-hodgkins-lmphoma in the fall of 2014, she went through 8 months of strenuous and draining chemo. Tonight she joined Jon and Esmeralda on-air to explain how, coming out of treatment, she was inspired to create “chemo care packages” for others on journeys similar to her own. During chemo, certain parts of the body become hypersensitive to harsh chemicals in basic toiletry products, like mouth wash, adding to the discomfort the patient already feels. Shivers said her goal is to help change that, one chemo care package at a time.

Find more and support her project at her Go Fund Me page, or order a Knock Out Cancer tee shirt from Booster.