Meosha Thomas from One Savvy Veteran: “We can be each other’s battle buddies”

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Meosha Thomas is the founder of One Savvy Veteran.

A chic boutique that gives thrifted clothes to female vets…for free? That’s just one of the cool things that One Savvy Veteran does to help empower woman veterans to embrace their transition from military life back to civilian life. Founder Meosha Thomas joined Jon and Esmeralda in-studio to talk about her own transition back to life on the homefront after getting injured while serving in the war on terror. Jon also asked her what her perspective is on the Kapernick stir in the news, and she said it has opened her eyes to what the pledge actually means. “I think it’s about the message and not the symbol.”

Find more about One Savvy Veteran on their website.