Live blog: Bears vs. Lions

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears vs. the Detroit Lions

Kevin Powell October 2, 201611:43 AM

Kevin Powell October 2, 201611:43 AM

About 20 minutes til kickoff

Kevin Powell October 2, 201611:43 AM

Kevin Powell October 2, 201611:44 AM

Why would anyone buy a Johnny Knox jersey?

Kevin Powell October 2, 201611:49 AM

In case you missed it…Jay Cutler is OUT today. Brian Hoyer gets the start.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201611:57 AM

Hey all – I’m Justin Kaufmann and I’ll be providing color commentary for today’s game. Kev’s got the good stuff. I just comment on the commercials. ENOUGH of the Nationwide/Peyton stuff. He’s retired. Stop. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:00 PM

The NFL will find a way to keep Manning around.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:01 PM

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:02 PM

Spotted a second Johnny Knox jersey

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:02 PM

Probably not a good thing when a majority of the fans at Soldier Field are wearing former players jerseys.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:02 PM

This team has no identity.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:03 PM

Sorry for all the negativity to start. Go Bears

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:04 PM

What is a Bears game without negativity? Also, cheese.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:06 PM

First miscommunication! DRINK! (if you are playing the miscommunication drinking game) 

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:07 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:08 PM

I’ve been saying it all along, once Bryce Callahan is healthy this defense will be back. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:09 PM

I want cheese!!

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:09 PM

Penalty on punt return, DRINK! (if you are playing the punt return penalty drinking game) 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:14 PM

I love the punt return penalty drinking game

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:14 PM

Jordan Howard injured after run. Looks like a good ole playground kick in the family jewels…

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:15 PM

Um….Kevin…who is Logan Paulsen? 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:16 PM

That’s a great question

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:17 PM

Did a quick google search and found this: Logan Sindre Paulsen is an American football tight end for the
Chicago Bears of the National Football League. He was signed by the
Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent in 2010. He played
college football at UCLA.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:21 PM

Strong drive for the Bears. They moved the ball well and Eddie Royal finished it off. He’s gotta be the MVP of this Bears squad so far this season. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:22 PM

Nice drive. Hoyer making plays. And yes, Royal is having a great year. As WR and return man.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:24 PM

When Hamp was on Friday, he talked about how the Bears haven’t beaten the Lions since Lovie Smith? That’s crazy.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:25 PM

Especially crazy considering the Lions haven’t really had any great teams in that period.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:26 PM

I think it’s safe to say that Matt Stafford is Detroit’s Jay Cutler. Discuss. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:27 PM

Justin, let’s plug stuff. My twitter: @kpowell720 JK’s twitter: @JustinKaufman Our Bears insider Adam Hoge: @AdamHoge And check out @WGNRadioSports And of course, Hamp, OB and Koz postgame show on 720AM and starting at 3p.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:28 PM

OK, I’m done plugging stuff.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:28 PM

Bears force another punt. The game plan has been strong on both sides of the ball. Issue has been adjustments. Let’s see how this plays out. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:30 PM

Yea the second half has doomed the Bears in each loss. That’s on the coaches.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:30 PM

Also I want more cheese photos please.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:31 PM

Ha, I spilled some cheese on the couch. So between blogging, I’ve been scrubbing. I can’t have nice things. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:31 PM

Kev – can we start the Logan Paulsen fan club? LOGAN! FIRST DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:31 PM

Classic cheese spill

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:32 PM

I’m down for a Logan Paulsen fan club. Let’s make tee shirts!

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:34 PM

Paulsen’s Pit Crew 

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:37 PM

Hoge’s all over it:

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:37 PM

I like it

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:37 PM

Blocking blitzing defenders is key

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:39 PM

Akiem Hicks is a large man

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:40 PM

Seeing some life out of this Bears D. Looking great on 3rd Down, which has been terrible so far this season. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:42 PM

This Sprint guy who used to work for Verizon? Who is in a commercial essentially saying “remember when I was in that other commercial? Super lame.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:45 PM

The offense is moving, but a little worried about how much they are throwing the ball. Seems out of balance right now. But Bears winning, so I’ll sit down. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:46 PM

Yea that guy has made a bunch of money doing dumb commercials. Good for him.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:48 PM

Bad holding call

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:48 PM
Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:48 PM

Paulsen probably a little upset to see a fellow tight end go down.

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:49 PM

Paulsen would have had the 1st. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:50 PM

Paulsen for President!!

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:51 PM

I’d vote Paulsen over Trump or Hillary. No question.

Kevin Powell October 2, 201612:52 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 201612:59 PM

Bears moving the ball on offense, stopping the Lions on D. Need to put some points on the board though. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:02 PM

I want to know where FOX gets the interstitial music coming/going to commercials. It’s a weird guitar riff, feels like something that a producer did in the basement to avoid paying any royalties.  

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:03 PM

Kevin White making plays today

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:03 PM

Finally making Kevin’s look good

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:04 PM

I wonder if they serve more food at halftime in the press box. I hope so.

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:04 PM

They had a nice breakfast spread earlier

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:05 PM

Bears should go for it. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:06 PM

Not sure I like that call. Bell was in street clothes as of last week. So that’s who gets the ball? I’d give it to Howard, as he just showed earlier in the drive that he had good second effort. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:06 PM

Ummm why wasn’t Jordan Howard in for that play? He’s the obvious short yardage back.

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:07 PM

Bell is the fast/quick guy. Howard’s a back that can run people over. Lions have had a tough time bringing him down all game.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:08 PM

We’ve seen it all year – momentum kills the Bears. Let’s hope that there isn’t a momentum swing. The Bears D needs to step it up right here. 3 and out. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:09 PM

Bears getting stuffed on 4th and short in Houston was a huge momentum swing…and the Texans rolled the rest of the game. We’ll see what it does for Detroit.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:10 PM

Offsides against Bears. Bears are also guilty of that all season, costly penalties. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:13 PM

Big 3rd down here

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:15 PM

Like I said, Bryce Callahan!!!!

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:16 PM

That’s your boy

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:17 PM

Matt Prater bombed that one

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:17 PM

50 yarder good. Bears up 7-3. Bears need to wrestle the momentum back and score before halftime. Get a TD. Because remember, Lions deferred and get ball after half.

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:20 PM

I’m still wondering if they serve food at halftime.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:20 PM

The running game has been solid. Howard with another 1st down. He’s a rookie, playing strong today. Also got a pass interference call on the goal line that set up the Bears only score.  

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:20 PM

They better. I want you well fed and ready for the second half. No excuses, Powell! 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:20 PM

Huge PI call on that drive. Second half key: KEEP GIVING THE BALL TO JORDAN HOWARD

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:22 PM

I like Howard’s running style. He’s very patient, runs upright. Seems to be very mature for a 4th round rookie. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:24 PM

The Bears are continuing costly penalties on both sides of the ball. At very important points in game. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:25 PM

Barth time

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:25 PM

Conor Barth can’t miss here. The faithful will turn on him. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:26 PM


jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:26 PM

Not a great start for the Bears kicker. 2 missed field goals, both at Soldier Field. 1 for 3 this year. Not good. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:29 PM

Bears need to make a stop here. Again, Lions have ball after Halftime. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:31 PM

ooooohhhhhhh! Cutler…errr…Stafford strikes again! Jacoby Glenn with a gimme. Saves Bears’ half. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:32 PM

Bears trying hail mary. Nice to see something different than a knee. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:35 PM

Bears lead 7-3 at the half.  Now Lady Gaga does the highlights and we’ll be back in 15. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:35 PM

Bears looked decent in the first half. The Lions were horrible. Again, we’ll see what sort of adjustments are made…Bears have been outplayed/coached in every second half this season.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:41 PM

Brian Hoyer: He played well, finding receivers and extended plays scrambling. 

Jordan Howard: 60 first half yards. Got big pass interference call. 

Bryce Callahan: Strong coverage, made a few big plays.

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:43 PM

What about Paulsen?

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:48 PM

Second half underway

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:50 PM

Looks like Lions halftime adjustment is to run the ball straight ahead for 1 yard a pop, then get a false start. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:51 PM

Stafford scrambles, picks up 15 to get first down. Can’t let that happen, D. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:53 PM

That Stafford scramble leads to an extended drive. Lions in red zone. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:53 PM

Once again, the second half not off to a good start.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:56 PM

Lions find rhythm, get to goal line. Big 3rd down. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:56 PM

Bears D holds! LB John Timu times the snap, stuffs the run. Huge play. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:57 PM

Lions score FG, 7-6 Bears. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20161:57 PM

Perfectly timed blitz from Timu. Nice play.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:57 PM

Hey Kev – question for you. I may have missed it, but where’s Leonard Floyd? Or Johnathan Bullard? Are they playing today? Haven’t heard either number called all day. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20161:59 PM

This is a big offensive drive for the Bears. Need to take back some momentum. Avoid a quick 3 and out. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:01 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:02 PM

John Timu backgrounder below. Seizing opportunities. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:04 PM

Huge play. Eddie Royal is playing big today. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:05 PM

Royal making plays

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:07 PM

Zach Miller, TD! Wide open. Lions miscommunication (DRINK!) 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:07 PM

I love the Lions miscommunication drinking game.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:07 PM

14-6 Bears with 3+ to go in 3rd quarter. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:08 PM

During the halftime show, Jimmy Johnson said that because of Hoyer’s play today, Jay Cutler may have seen the last snap in a Chicago Bears uniform. Whaaa? Hyperbole much? 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:08 PM


Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:09 PM

Brian Hoyer is not the future…they’ll draft a qb

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:11 PM

Yeah, Hoyer has played well. But the Bears have 14 points at the end of 3rd. Not necessarily burning up the scoreboard. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:13 PM

Kevin White questionable to return. Ankle

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:16 PM

Everyone else is injured, why not White? Feels right. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:17 PM

So Kev – where’s Leonard Floyd? Is he playing today? I missed if he was inactive. But haven’t seen him on field. Or maybe he has been, but just ineffective? 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:19 PM

He’s been in. Not a great game. Lost containment on Stafford’s long scramble.

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:20 PM

Ha did Jordan Howard just knock down John Fox on the sideline? 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:20 PM

Did Jordan Howard just knock down Coach Fox on the sidelines? Haha, way to go rookie! 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:21 PM

Bears 14-6 at end of 3rd quarter. Exciting 4th quarter ahead! 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:21 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:25 PM

Score here. Give the ball to Jordan Howard. Let him get 6 points. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:28 PM

Connor Barth made a field goal

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:29 PM

Barth!!!!! The Bears lead 17-6 (two scores) in the 4th quarter. Game not over though. Lions are like the Colts. They like the late 4th quarter…

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:30 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:30 PM

But so far, so good on the second half adjustments. Lions have only scored a FG. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:31 PM

Whahahaaa? That’s awesome. Even fans fall down and give up. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:37 PM

Lions moving into Bears territory. Bears getting great play from last year’s walk-ons. Washington, Timu and Acho. Where’s Floyd? Not even on field in pressure moments. Hmm. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:40 PM

Big 3rd down here 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:41 PM

Lions not phased by being down 2 scores. The Bears have to make a play. Change the momentum, hopefully once and for all. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:43 PM

YES!!!!!! Another Cutler-esque pick for Matt Stafford (Hall) and the Bears take over with under 5 min to go in the 4th! Smelling first victory. That could also be the 3 hour old queso dip. But probably victory. 

Kevin Powell October 2, 20162:44 PM

I’m headed to the locker room. Fun times JK. Bring it home!

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:45 PM

Get good position, Kev! Jordan Howard over 100 yards. Strong rookie. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:47 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:48 PM

There are lot of Lions’ Memes out there, just FYI. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:48 PM

The Bears are a first down away from icing this one. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:50 PM

Bears choose to run the ball and punt instead of throwing for a first down. Lions out of timeouts. They’ll have the ball with about 2 minutes to play, down two scores. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:53 PM

A Lions TD on a punt return? With 2 min to go? COME ON BEARS. That’s crazy bad. And give up the 2 point? The Lions are now down a field goal with under 2 min to play. Lions have no timeouts though. So if Bears can secure the onside, they will probably win. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:54 PM

But still….how can you let that happen, Bears? 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:54 PM

Even closing out games is a challenge. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:56 PM

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:57 PM

Bears recover the football. but hold on. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20162:58 PM

Bears recover!!!!!!! Bears can run out the clock. Bears win, baby. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20163:01 PM

The Bears seem to be mimicking last year. Started 0-3, won a big one at home against Oakland. Same here. So even though the Bears are on the board, there’s still a lot left to improve. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20163:01 PM

Also, Julio Jones has over 300 yards RECEIVING today in Atlanta. Wow. 

jkaufs1 October 2, 20163:02 PM

And that will do it for the Bears live blog today. Listen to WGN Radio now for post game with Hamp/OB/Koz. Thanks for joining us!