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Photo courtesy of Kristy Vicari

People say they can’t wait until this election is over. Not me. When this election is over one of THEM will have won, and like traveling down a dark road, late at night, in a rainstorm, who knows what will happen then.

The reason I know that either Hillary or Trump will be needing change of address cards is because I now know it will never be Gary Johnson and William Weld.

I was wrong…again. Being wrong about Trump being the Republican nominee was bad but this feels worse.

Johnson/Weld spent an hour in studio with me. They have impressive track records as successful Governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts. They seemed to be coherent and serious about fixing what’s wrong with our politics and our country.

I’ll admit I was a little giddy. I’ve always wanted there to be a 3rd Party and with these guys on the ballot in all 50 states it looked like all they needed was exposure. It turns out the more you know about Gary Johnson, the less Gary Johnson actually knows. It’s scary.

Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was or where it is. He didn’t know that there were severe injuries from 2 terrorist acts that were all over the news. He couldn’t name one world leader he admired.

Gary Johnson is now a punchline and we are good in that department. We already have 2 of those.

If you gaffe-analyze these incidents it doesn’t explain them away. It actually looks worse.

Aleppo is the epicenter of the nightmare that is Syria. Any serious Presidential candidate has to know why it matters and have a plan to deal with it. Johnson had neither.

When a lunatic stabbed 9 people at a mall in Minnesota it was huge news. That attack came within hours of a lone wolf injuring 29 when he set off explosions in NY and New Jersey.

As the news was dominated by these attacks Gov. Johnson did an interview with CNN the next morning and said he was thankful no one was hurt. Seriously? You can’t NOT know a huge story like this and be in charge.

Then he and Governor Weld appeared together on MSNBC. Chris Matthews asked Johnson to name a world leader he admired…any world leader…and Johnson had no answer until Weld bailed him out. Inexcusable.

You don’t have to know everything to be elected to the White House – but you can’t know nothing.

Johnson’s whiff on Syria and world leaders shows a stunning lack of interest in foreign policy. His lack of news knowledge is equally bad.

If he’s this disinterested in the job now, why would we hire him?

There may be an honesty issue as well based on his cluelessness. Johnson said he stopped using marijuana during the campaign but Cheech and Chong may disagree.

So I sadly withdraw my endorsement of Johnson/Weld. If you don’t care enough to do the homework and be prepared you don’t deserve my vote and you’re not fit to be President.

So now…we’re back to those two. God help us all.

Thanks for listening.