The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 9-27-16

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20167:13 PM

We have a tremendous show for you tonight! Thank you for being with us! We’ll get things started with The Carry Out!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20167:29 PM

Okay, we are going to do it. We are going to talk about your Chicago football Bears. Doug Plank up next!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20167:39 PM

LOL (847)

Incoming MMS Image from Unnamed

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20168:02 PM

We are going to dive into the life of the great Curtis Mayfield next!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20168:16 PM

One of the best songs ever.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20169:13 PM

Thanks, (312)

Justin, much appreciation for your interesting programs and
also the fact that you are a book reader. snippets of your work i catch are
always delightful, from your promotion of old chicago lore and that great
awesome mindblogging inventor (ha!). and thank you for your ongoing highlights
of creative black musicians

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20169:14 PM

Check out Adam Ruins Everything on truTV

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20169:17 PM

You can buy tickets to Adam’s show here.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20169:54 PM

Love Rachael Yamagata:

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 20169:55 PM

Great new video with C.J. and Ted, too!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 201610:12 PM

So great to have The Defiant Thomas Brothers in-studio for The Worst!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 201610:30 PM

Love #TheWorst!

The Worst: The fact that Trump could actually win the
election. What is happening?!?!?!


The worst is when I wear a velvet smoking jacket to party
people then touch the jacket saying how nice it is feel how nice it is and then
proceed to literally Rub themselves all over my jacket wall I’m wearing it to
feel what it’s like it’s crazy but I’ve got accustomed to it


The worst is when you wake up to yourself having a sneezing
fit and you end up biting your tongue in the process.


The worst is people who throw trash or cigarette butts out
of their car window.


Jusssss tuned in how fun- THEE worst is talkin to ur
dentist, ur leaned back in ur DDS touches his NOSE with gloved finger
and thennnnn!!!!!!


Worse than that Pete, is my number spells something
specific. So, my Father (certified genius) has been misspelling my number for
twenty friggn years. So, of course every now and again, I’d get a message from
a stranger/woman at that number, tellin me “u don’t know me but ur Father
called again”!!!


Driving home one week and the rush hour Sun is so blinding
you have to turn down a side street, so you can see. Then driving the same
route, same time the following week, and you need headlights because the days
are getting shorter, and there’s no Sun in site. :(


You know what’s the worst… serving sizes on food labels.
The serving size wouldn’t sustain a toddler, and the last thing I want to do is
a math problem to figure out how much sugar is in my Arizona Fruit Punch.


The worst: P.B.C. – Plumber Butt Crack.


The worst is the apple cider company i worked for in Dixon
Illinois Dixon Cider


The worst is when you spend all day cooking a anniversary
spam……but you end up eating it alone


The worst are people who complain about cigarette butts
being thrown out the window.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 201610:47 PM

More great stuff:

The worst is in a country of 220 million people we have to
choose between 2 gd Idiots


The worst is when you’re at a family gathering and your
mother keeps bringing up your previous, “perfect” girlfriend. In
front of your current girlfriend.


The worst is people who wear a velvet smoking jacket in


The worst – having a germ-a-phob in the family. Nothing is
ever clean enough & you go thru a ton of bleach wipes.


The worst: being on vacation when the work fantasy football
league is formed. Missing said league. Listening daily to the fantasy football
talk at work.


The worst is being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and
you really have to pee


The worst is when you hit the brakes to avoid hitting a
squirrel, but get rear ended by the car behind you. And then come to find out
that you still hit the squirrel and now it’s roadkill under your car.



The worst is at the gym…when you get an eyeful of Droopy
Male Side Boob. How do you ever unsee that?


Hi Justin! The WORST is when you have a stuffy nose, so you
have to sleep with your mouth open and you wake up with that dry, pasty feeling

peterzimmermanwgnam September 27, 201610:56 PM

Thanks for listening everyone! Blackhawks season starts tomorrow so Go Hawks and we’ll see ya at 7pm on Thursday!