Live blog: Bears vs. Eagles

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:17 PM

Hey everyone… hope the Carm and I can keep you entertained as the Bears take on the Eagles on Monday Night  (Best sports theme song ever be the way.)

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:26 PM

Interesting match-up tonight with a lot of parallels between last year’s Bears and this year’s Eagles… an old school coach (John Fox/Doug Pederson) takes over for a coach that a lot of people thought was too smart for their own good (Marc Trestman / Chip Kelly.)  The cupboard isn’t completely empty but not full either.

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:33 PM

Wow…brutal opening series. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:35 PM

All the prognosticators say the key for a Bears win is getting after Wentz… They had some success against Brock Osweiler

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:38 PM

Eagles aren’t letting them even get a chance with some quick outs.  Like the choice to go for it on 4th down here. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:41 PM

Another game, another bad spot costs the Bears.  I get not challenging it but you figured the League would have come up with a better way by now.

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:43 PM

Not bad holding them to a field goal there considering the way the Eagles’ started the drive and the good field position. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:50 PM

That’s more like it… would have loved to see what Eddie Royal would have done if he had stayed healthier. 

markcarman23 September 19, 20167:53 PM

Good thing Ron Brooks can’t catch. 

markcarman23 September 19, 20167:54 PM

Remember the Gould old times 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20167:58 PM

Well played.

markcarman23 September 19, 20167:59 PM

Thank you Dan. Eddie Royal is the best Bear of the season so far 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:04 PM

Glad to see they picked up the 1 yard… too many times over the last couple of years we couldn’t get that done. 

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:05 PM

OB “What have I saidddd!!!! Throw the ball down the fieldddd!!!!!” Koz… “still catches the ball with his body.” Hamp… “Come on Leno block somebody.” 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:07 PM

Not bad…not bad at all. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:09 PM

The Geico / Ice T ad is the best commercial on TV right now. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:15 PM

The Bears’ defense is starting to get going… good hit on the previous play, nice swarm on this play, two penalties created on the Offensive Line… good stuff.

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:18 PM

The have inside LB’s again!!! 50 and 59 are the real deal!

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:19 PM

Get rid of football

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:19 PM

Massie. Rhymes with… 

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:19 PM

It’s Kevin White 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:23 PM

Want to know how I know that I’m officially a father (besides the obvious)?  When you asked what rhymes with Massie, my first thought was passie as in pacifier.  #dadlife

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:29 PM

Here comes Leonard 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:30 PM

He almost got there… promising early returns on him. 

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:30 PM

Gruden looking to get into the Wentz family

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:45 PM

Bears still haven’t figured out that touchbacks go to the 25 

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:45 PM

Good thing Jordan Matthews can’t catch 

markcarman23 September 19, 20168:47 PM

Good time out. Freezed him right into a make 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:48 PM

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20168:56 PM

To see more pics, like The Hamp & O.B. Show with Glen Kozlowski on Facebook

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:00 PM

Antonio Brown at the reception desk at ESPN is the second best commercial on TV right now. 

markcarman23 September 19, 20169:06 PM

Consistent pressure coming with the Eagles in passing downs. Still good to see

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:07 PM

Yeah Willie Young!  Similar to Eddie Royal, so glad he survived to be a contributor

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:10 PM

A Jeremy Langford sighting!

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:15 PM

Sweet Jesus 86 fumbles in the last three years. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:17 PM

Wentz needs to start sliding if he wants to stay in the league. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:22 PM

Nice sustained drive here… and good on Kevin White being aware and reaching for that first down. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:25 PM

Jinxed it.

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:41 PM

I think Cutler gets a bad rap but that was an awful turnover. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:42 PM

If it’s hand, that’s one thing but still… Brian Hoyer time. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:52 PM

Eagles just seem like the fresher, better team right now… they’re taking full advantage of the Bears’ injuries. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:56 PM

Was about to write about a nice stand by the defense and then…penalty. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 20169:59 PM

Can’t remember a game where we’ve had this many injuries

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:06 PM

If they have any chance of coming back here, the Bears have to look down field soon. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:11 PM

First time seeing Gotham Steel infocommercial… third best ad on television. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:14 PM

Late hit with a noodle on Gruden… 15 yards

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:16 PM

That a boy Eddie!  Once that initial Eagles tackler missed, I had a good feeling

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:19 PM

Connor Barth can go a long way to endure himself to Chicago with a good onside kick here.  Especially with that miss earlier. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:20 PM

That was not it. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:24 PM

Gruden’s face when Sean McDonough revealed he didn’t know what “Duke” referred to was priceless. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:27 PM

Reminder – Dan Hampton, Ed O’Bradovich and Glen Kozlowski will be breaking down the game in 5-8 minutes after the 10:30pm news. 

Dan Sugrue September 19, 201610:28 PM

If there’s a silver lining to a poor Bears’ outing, it’s hearing those three rip into a poor Bears’ outing.