Mitsubishi Electric heating & cooling, Nutrition Guide, End Alzheimer’s & Apple Fest

Hannah Stanley covers Frank Fontana Show. (David Miranda)

Show covered by Hannah Stanley

Open:   Adoption event in the Nathan Hale outdoor court with AWS Chicago.

Mike Schaefer- Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Division

A leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions™ and variable refrigerant flow cooling and heating systems, announces the release of new  Wall-mounted Indoor Units.

Units come in three color options that can match any home’s decor:  Highlighted by a stylish, slim build with beveled rectangular edges.   Whisper-quiet Operation, Reduced energy waste,    Intelligent Temperature Control.

Nutrition Guide: From Healthier Lunchboxes & Snacks to College Stress Eating

Whether packing your youngest kid¹s lunch or packing your oldest kid up for college, healthy eating is a big back-to-school topic. Discuss the importance of setting the tone for a healthy school year and offers her guide to lunches, snacks, and quick fixes, because:    Healthy eating from a young age creates a lifetime of healthy habits.

Apple Fest: Long Grove Confectionery

The truly famous apple-inspired treats that they line up for during Apple Fest.  Think pies, caramel donuts, etc