Live blog: 2016 Emmy Awards

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We’re live blogging the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards!

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:04 PM

This Jimmy Kimmel video open is pretty strong….mostly because of James Corden!

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:07 PM

OK, Jimmy Kimmel > other Jimmys

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:18 PM

Sad Titus didn’t win. Odds Kimmy Schmidt wins anything?? 50 to 1?

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:24 PM

Aziz! Watch that show if you haven’t Master of None is hilarious

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:27 PM

Wow! I am not sure if these are upsets but they sort of feel like upsets. Kate McKinnon wins and she is super deserving.

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:29 PM

Winner recap during first break:
WINNER – Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series: Saturday Night LiveKate McKinnon as Various characters
WINNER – Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Master Of NoneAziz Ansari, Written by, Alan Yang, Written by
WINNER – Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series: Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets, Baskets (FX)

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:31 PM

Not sure how much longer I can pretend I’m not alone in this blog?!

Hello internet world…everyone ready for a Craig Collins solo blogs the Emmys?

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:35 PM

The presenter banter this year seems off

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:37 PM

Is talking to yourself crazy on the internet? No right? This is nothing like that scary guy talking to himself on the CTA. Good talk.

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20167:40 PM

Kristin Decker is having computer issues, and I’m not sure about the others who were supposed to be with us tonight. I’ll join in for a while so you don’t feel like you’re talking to yourself.

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:41 PM

Haha, hey Dave. Glad to have you here!

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:43 PM

Wow, what an amazing speech for Julia!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20167:46 PM

Nice that they spent a few moments remembering Garry Shandling.

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:48 PM

Agreed. And Jeffery Tambor will get that Emmy back soon  

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:50 PM

Hey Dave, since this is completely the right place to ask this…how do I put gifs in this epic blog we are making?

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20167:51 PM

Thought we were watching a rerun there for a moment.

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:51 PM

He is so very deserving of owning this category 

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:52 PM

Jeffery Tambor wins again

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:55 PM

And provides another powerful speech. These awards got good…minus the odd Bill Cosby joke

Kristin Decker September 18, 20167:56 PM

I was really Gunning for Project Runway to win!

Craig Collins September 18, 20167:57 PM

I am not ashamed to admit I watch the voice every season. It is great TV

Kristin Decker September 18, 20167:57 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20167:59 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:00 PM

And the now required “provide the audience food” joke. I thank Ellen for starting this! 

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:00 PM

I love the kids of Stranger Things so much.  They are the absolute cutest!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:01 PM

Amen. The curly haired one the most!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:05 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:05 PM

Hillary is so fast!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:05 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:05 PM

I love Leslie Jones!!! She is so funny!!!  

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:06 PM

Yeah, she is great

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:08 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:09 PM

I felt like maybe Aziz and Kate McKinnon awards were surprises. Since then, it all seems to be going as expected.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:10 PM

I was hoping for a Kathy Bates win – but I can’t argue with Regina being chosen.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:11 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:12 PM

How are you feeling about Kimmel?

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20168:13 PM

Loved the opening. This snacks bit is not great, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it. Actually, that Amy S./Amy P. joke just now was the best part of it.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:14 PM

Yeah Dave agreed! Just after I typed the question I changed my answer due to that!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:16 PM

Gotta say, I’m looking forward to the Taylor Swift song about Loki!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:16 PM

I agree.  Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler always kill it with any joke!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:16 PM

Too much tanning Claire Danes!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:19 PM

During this commercial break – some of the best dresses of the night  –

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:21 PM

Terrance Howard – jazzy jacket!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:22 PM

I need to check out The Night Manager – I’m not familiar with that show.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:22 PM

Me neither but heard great things!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:23 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:25 PM

Claire is too tan but I LOVE her dress!!!!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:26 PM

Marcia Clark is sitting right next to Sarah and just hugged her.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:26 PM

Kirsten Dunst looked great too!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:27 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:28 PM

I think I need to watch PeoplevsOJ now. Universally considered one of the best things on TV this year.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:28 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:31 PM

Is it normal to like the acceptance speeches this much?! Lots of strong ones tonight.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:31 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:32 PM

The speeches have been so strong!  

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:35 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:36 PM

I love the end of his speech – Obama out – Hillary in!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:37 PM

#rocksmychain is going to be trending soon

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:39 PM

I think it is so sweet!! Everybody loves their wives!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20168:39 PM

Nice win for Sherlock – that was their throwback episode.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:40 PM

And that was the least surprising win of the night! Decker and Dave, have you seen People vs OJ? Is it ok to sleep tonight or do I have to watch it immediately after this?

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:40 PM

The People Vs. OJ Simpson is just killing it…wait…

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:40 PM

too soon?

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:41 PM

I’d watch it as fast as you can!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20168:41 PM

After all that, they cut short the OJ team? And, I’ll admit, there’s so much TV on now that I haven’t watched OJ yet either.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:42 PM

It is very good.  Craig – do you have cable?  I have cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime and I still can’t keep up!!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:46 PM

I have basic cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO NOW….and I binge watch lots of TV! Still too much!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:46 PM

Haha, Aziz could host an award show

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:47 PM

I’m so happy for Patton – rough year for him – his wife passed away suddenly.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:52 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:52 PM

John Oliver’s show has been really strong this year. So much so, that I have never actually watched it but, seen so many great segments that trended online!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:53 PM

I don’t watch his show in real time either – I just watch the highlight clips.

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:54 PM

OK, this Matt Damon gag is paying off amazingly right now!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:54 PM

It’s the joke that has lasted years and years!!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20168:55 PM

“tell your mom I like them apples” – Matt Damon wins this show

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:56 PM

This has been a very entertaining awards show!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20168:59 PM

What is your favorite show right now? Mine – Orphan Black – you need to binge it. It’s on Amazon Prime and it’s so addicting!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:01 PM

Yes. Tatiana Maslany deserves to win best actress one of these years for her performance(s) on that.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:01 PM

Agreed. The show had a slow start but, has hit one hell of a stride. My favorite show is easily Game of Thrones. I am gonna start Transparent and Orphan soon though. And adding OJ to the list.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:02 PM

Agreed. This award show had a slow start but, has hit one hell of a stride. My favorite show is easily Game of Thrones. I am gonna start Transparent and Orphan soon though. And adding OJ to the list.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:02 PM

UG – so disappointed that Lemonade by Beyonce lost and lost to Grease Live?!?!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:04 PM

Best directing for Variety Special – Grease: Live. They took what NBC was doing with live musicals and moved it to another level.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:05 PM

Key and Peele are two of the funniest people around. I loved Keanu!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:05 PM
Craig Collins September 18, 20169:08 PM

Come on Battle of the Bastards!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:09 PM

Nailed it! That episode was so so gratifying

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:09 PM

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:19 PM

And the payoff on the Maggie Smith joke.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:19 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:22 PM

For realz, that episode was the best!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:22 PM

OK, GoT ranting done….I think

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:25 PM

It’s 9:25. They’ve got five awards left plus the In Memoriam segment to go. They should be done by 10. They’ve kept the pace of this show moving along without too many slow bits.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:30 PM

Yet another reason to like this award show.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:33 PM

The “In Memoriam” segment always gets me.  

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:33 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:35 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:39 PM

Mr. Robot is a great show – I’m rooting for him…. but I also want Bob Odenkirk to win!!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:40 PM

Kevin Spacey is genius in his role too

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:40 PM

Mr. Robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:41 PM

He certainly deserves it!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:42 PM

PLEASE Orphan Black!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:43 PM

YES!!! Finally!!!!!!!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:43 PM

Tatiana! Yes!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:44 PM

And she is gonna take a selfie hopefully after reading off her phone!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:44 PM

She is so deserving of this award!!! All the characters she plays and she does it so well!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:47 PM

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:47 PM

Was that a great Netflix commercial just now….or am I just really liking these awards?

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:48 PM

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:49 PM

You forget that it is one actress sometimes playing multiple different roles in the same scene, and even her as one character impersonating another character (it’s a show about clones). Yes the digital technology makes the effects possible, but her performance is what makes it work.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:51 PM


Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:53 PM


Craig Collins September 18, 20169:54 PM

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:55 PM

I totally thought Dennis Franz died.

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:55 PM

NYPD Blue, from the era when best dramas were on the big three networks.

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:55 PM

Haha, I might if GoT doesn’t win

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:55 PM

Whew! I make it another year!

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:55 PM

There you go Craig! GoT for the win!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:56 PM

It is an exceptional show!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:57 PM

Gotta say, this was a highly entertaining night of award showing!

Dave Marzullo September 18, 20169:58 PM

I agree. Entertaining. Kimmel did a nice job hosting. And a reminder that there’s a lot of great TV out there, you just need to work a bit harder to find it all than you used to.

Kristin Decker September 18, 20169:59 PM

Two thumbs up for tonight’s Emmy! I now have a long list of shows I still need to watch!!

Craig Collins September 18, 20169:59 PM

Great point Dave. And once you find something good…Binge Challenge me to watch it already!

Kristin Decker September 18, 201610:02 PM

Check out You’ve Binge Challenged Podcast on WGN!