Brian Noonan Show 9/18/16: Reacting to violence and hearing from Trump supporters

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Photo credit: Nari Sin via Flickr (Nari Sin)

Aaron Katersky of ABC News checks in with Brian from New York on the status of the investigation into the bombings in New Jersey and in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan over the weekend. Then, the conversation turns to how people respond to hearing about violence in America and abroad, which turns into a discussion on how to avoid getting lost and how people use compasses in today’s connected world. Brian then calls for supporters of Donald Trump to call the show and explain why they support him, from the perspective of policies, in an eye-opening conversation that frames the conversation in terms of policy and not in terms of people who simply don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton. The conversation then shifts to a story of a high school with a new policy regarding cheerleader uniforms, Krispy Kreme’s treatment of the official “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” and legal talk and listener questions with Karen Conti.