Kathy and Judy live blog 9/17/16

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Kathy and Judy share texts and other behind the scenes antics.

Kristin Decker September 17, 201610:30 AM

Shelter dogs and their habits:

I adopted a 3 legged shelter cat who was unhappy and aloof (more than normal cat) for almost a year before she started to tolerate me. I call her pickle do to obvious reasons..now when sits near me I’m thrilled, it took forever

We’ve had our adopted German Shepherd for 11 years and every September he freaks out when we try to kill flies in the house. we think he may have been abused by fly swatters.

Hi, two points on dogs, my dog since a puppy pulls up sometimes in the middle of sidewalk or middle of crosswalk (Southport). Just his thing. I suggest getting .

just want to tell you MY rescue dog story. We’ve had this dog for 9 weeks now. She still collapses in fear, peeing, when ypu talk to her, or raise your arm, or try to get her to go out. Pee everwhere! Im si upset. I shouldve realized a rescue dog could have been rescued from somethinf really bad. Im sorry I took her now. I wish the rescue group had been more forthcoming. Thanks for listening. Lol

We have a shelter dog, got him as a puppy. He tends to creep along in the grass, on 3 legs, to poop. Just to clarify, he does have all his legs, but one always has to be in the air…

We had an old yellow lab that would poop while walking. We just accepted it bc he was old, but think it was bc his hips were getting bad and he was loosing some control. He lived 14.5 years

Hi! We adopted a 3 year old female bichon over a year ago we call transgender. Verified by a vet that she had been spayed, she pees like a male, marking throughout our walks. She also does not play much. She’ll pick up a toy, chase around for 5 minutes tops. Doesn’t know what to do with a ball. She’s very loving and attached to us though. We love our Lilly.

I have a pure bread bichon I got from a breeder who poops while she walks 🐩😂Apparently it’s not just shelter dogs!!

Kristin Decker September 17, 201610:58 AM

What have you kept from a relative?

My mother bought a book, by Nora Roberts, the day before she died. I’ll probably never read it but I keep it by my bedside to remind me you never know what tomorrow will bring

I kept a grocery list that my mom had written. It’s great to see her handwriting…

I kept my moms eyeglasses. I keep them in a drawer I go into everyday so I see them daily. Most times I will pick them up, kiss them n say love you mom

My best friend kept her mothers ponytail that her grandmother had saved from 1st short haircut in the fifties. My friend’s mother died almost 30 years ago and she still has hair.

Mom gave me ballet lessons when I was 5 and at 79 i still love ballet and take a ballet barre kept my Dads after shave green bottles.

My mom keeps my grandma’s gall stones in a little jar on her bookcase. The surgery was done back when you could take stuff like that home from the hospital. Sweet and creepy.

When my mother passed away 5 years ago . I took all her handkerchief’s. I have given them to my daughter, daughter-in-law. I will save to give my nieces and granddaughters someday on their wedding day as their something old. Also my nephews and grandsons brides to be for same tradition.

Saved my Dad’s suspenders. My son wore them at his wedding in July.

My mom collected tea bag holders. I kept a couple and gave family, friends and neighbors all one to remember her by. Many of them had been given to her by friends and neighbors.

Kept receipt from last family dinner (on Mother’s Day) before my father passed away 20 years ago. When grandma passed away, I asked my aunt for the old magazine lacquered picture that was my grandfather’s favorite. Pic is a drawing of little boy sitting outside pet shop with metal skates and pocket change. Caption reads, “Down but not out.” I had picture framed and it hangs in my bedroom. I remember it always hanging in my grandmother’s bedroom. I love the picture and think of both of my grandparents everyday.

When my dad died my mom went into a nursing home. I still have the grocery list from the last time I went shopping for them in 2009. I carry it in my wallet. – Don

I saved my mom’s voice messages. Her voice got smaller and smaller as did her life but she always left great messages. I had them placed on a cd. Funny thing is I have not listened to them a lot. Just once. I’m an just happy knowing they are there.

I have a braid of my mother’s beautiful auburn hair. We found the braid in a storage locker and when my husband opened the box, he nearly had a heart attack.

I have a small knick knack shelf in the powder room. On one shelf I display old pins and my
Moms favorite costume jewelry (she was born in 1906). I remember her in those items as she kissed me good-bye before going out to church circle or mothers club

I saved silver trays which need polishing and I never use from my mother

I kept an old prescription bottle that I found in her medicine cabinet, for 5mg, Valium tablets. I keep it in my medicine cabinet and laugh, thinking of her raising 6 kids.

When people realized my cousin would have dark red hair, my grandmother ran upstairs and pulled out a bag of red hair she had saved from who mother (it was at least 75 years old at the time). My grandmother just died and now I’m wondering who has that baggy of hair.

I took an old fashioned can opener from my grandmother’s house when we cleared it out. I had very little connection with that grandma, as she didn’t speak English. She only had only one arm, so when she stuck the can under the stump and wiggled the can to open it, it is quite a memory. And I took nothing else.

I kept the last message from my father on my old answering machine tape but I can’t bring myself to listen to it. I remember him saying Sandy it’s your father answer the phone

I still have some chicken soup that she made me in my freezer. She passed away in 07. It”s crazy, but I can’t bring myself to throw it out since it came from her hands and chicken soup is such a sign of love.

When my father passed… I found my grandfather’s 8 mm movie porn collection… “She bet her socks” was one of the titles. I’ve kept it… But never have watched it!

Dad would have been 85 this year.
The family still has whole egg that he decorated as a Santa 80 years
ago. Grandma had kept it, my mom still has it. Hope no one drops it –
can’t imagine the smell if it’s broken open!!

Kristin Decker September 17, 201611:23 AM

Town slogans
Bremen – “A Good Town” From Nancy in Indiana

In South Central Wisconsin: Johnstown – Paradise of the West. Cracks me up every time I see it. All this time I thought it was the grand canyon? And no -there’s Nothing!!! there! It’s a crossroads with a meat market.~Patty

I once went to a summer festival in Hanover, Il, a small town south of Galena that has a river and dam in the middle of the town. Their slogan was “the best little village by a dam site!”

My sister lives in Bellingham, Washington. Their Town motto is City of Subdued Excitement.

“Life Offers more Sycamore.” From Ken Andersen. Sycamore
Downers Grove: apostrophe free since 1873!!

in Niles, suburb of Chicago, their slogan is “The #1 Place in the US to
Raise Kids.” I grew up in the city so I can’t speak for this, but they
were so proud of Bloomberg BusinessWeek rating them as this that they
decided to make it the actual slogan and you see it on bus stop benches.

Town slogan. These is a town Gas, KS. ‘Don’t pass Gas stop and enjoy.’

Gettysburg South Dakota “Where the battle wasn’t”

Thomson, Illinois is the “Melon capital of the world”.