Kathy and Judy Live Blog 9/10/16

Kathy and Judy share texts that come in during the show.

Kristin Decker September 10, 201610:29 AM

Do you notice ankles?

I have been cursed with kankles! As well as my daughter which she says she will never forgive me.

Yes, men look at women’s ankles. Thick ankles mean they’re predisposed to becoming overweight. Thin ankles mean they’re more athletic and faster runners. These are personal observations, not scientific. Alfredo

I’m a guy and my calves never shrunk from 20 years of basketball and soccer it’s a curse to buy jeans

There is something about a nice thin ankle in a high heel

Kristin Decker September 10, 201611:29 AM

What have you left or found when moving?

I moved in March and wrote in my contract that I could come back one weekend in May and take all of my perennials including 35 hostas. The husband had to take his wife away because she kept following me around saying please don’t take everything. As it turned out I left 80% because I moved to a smaller yard. P. S. Left one of those big TVs in the basement.

When I moved from my house I left about a dozen cans of paint. When the house was up for sale again about five years later I want to see the open house in the cans of paint we’re all still there in the basement where I had left them

The house we purchased in the city was estate
Nothing taken out of the house
We found false teeth etc😁

I made my husband dig up my dog’s can of ashes before we moved. Wasn’t leaving without her!

We had one of those big TVs too and we ended up taking it apart and cutting it up and putting it in the garbage. Do that LOL

When we were moving, our contract stipulated that we were moving perennials from my wife’s grandmother

We bought a farm thru an ugly divorce. We arrived to a nag race horse tied to the fence!

Bought house. Moved in Sellers took all the light bulbs and toilet seats!!

We bought an old house with a 2 story garage there was a full living room set up on the second floor

This happened to a neighbor. When they moved in they discovered the previous owner left their homeless relative still living in the basement… Karen

My idiot ex-husband removed ALL the lightbulbs from a house we just sold. I had no idea intil I unpacked a box of loose bulbs at our new house.

Kristin Decker September 10, 201611:57 AM

Topic suggestions for Kathy and Judy

Subject: senior sexual abuse

I’d like to hear how people deal with aging and retirement. What is you and your partner disagree about how to live our those years

Ok. A serious issue. My son is a young 13 year old – good boy, not street smart. He gets made fun of & it makes me cry but I don’t necessarily want him to change. Any advice?

Discuss eating disorders and addictions ie Elizabeth Vargas

I like it when Kathy and Judy talk about TRAVEL. Where you’ve been Where you are going Far away places Restaurants B & B’s Resorts Flights Packing tips Etc Etc

Age appropriate clothing!

How about: Mental Health Strategies, Healthier Eating, Dealing with Grief, People (of all ages) doing amazing things:)

I so enjoy topics u are passionate about, Hillary, social issues etc. U are both at ur best when u share ur opinions and wisdom.