CM Punk makes short-lived UFC debut

CM Punk Q&A at United Center 7.24.15 (Scott King)

CM Punk Q&A at United Center 7.24.15 (Scott King)

By Scott King @ScottKingMedia

When it came to UFC 203 and CM Punk, there was no beating around the bush. In the wake of a highly-anticipated main event that included a heavyweight title fight, all eyes were on Punk, and possibly all the pressure too.

Heading into the bout, Punk’s confidence was high. “I see my hand getting raised and I’m not really one for predictions,” said the former WWE star. “I definitely see myself winning, and if I had to, I’d pick TKO.”

Could he do it? Could he crossover from professional wrestling stardom and became an MMA fighter? Could he avoid embarrassing himself with just one fight camp? Would Punk’s movement be on point after having back surgery and recovering from a herniated disc?

All the questions were answered Saturday night at UFC 203 in Cleveland. The 37-year-old Chicagoan entered the cage vs. 24-year-old Mickey Gall. Gall was 2-0 prior to the bout. He had two prior fights, and victories, to CM’s zero experience inside the cage and in front of thousands of fans and the judges, millions around the world… you get it.

Gall immediately took Punk down with a beautiful double-leg takedown and started landing some hard punches. Soon after, Punk was forced to tap due to a rear-naked choke at 2:14 of round one.

CM defended Gall’s first attempt at the choke as well as a barrage of devastating blows.

The former wrestling star went into the cage with little to win and lots to lose. “I will be back, believe it or not,” said Punk following the bout. “I had a lot of fun tonight. It was the second best night of my life behind my wedding night.”