Top renovation mistakes, Healthy snacks, Bathroom mold, Auxiliary Brewing

Frank Fontana & Contractor Dave Larkin

Frank Fontana & Contractor Dave Larkin(David Miranda)

Contractor-Dave Larkin  Top renovation mistakes that could of been avoided
Like: Hiring the cheapest or first contractor,  Working without permits,  Buying finished and material before you hire,  Being too trendy on finish choices, Lowball budgets and Rushing the process.

Back to school- Dr. Blanca Murillo                                                                    

Dentist talks about early prevention, healthy snacks in lunch boxes and the bigger costs when not treating issues on time.

Experts now say it may not be necessary, or at least not something you need to do every day. Recently, the Associated Press noticed that the government had removed its recommendation that people floss regularly in this year’s dietary guidelines.

Ways to avoid mold in the bathroom-  Robin Wilson a designer focused on creating healthy spaces ambassador for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Author of Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle, says there are easy steps you can take to reduce humidity and water buildup, thereby preventing mold from forming in your bathroom.

Auxiliary Brewing- Javier Lopez and Jose Lopez                        

Two brothers who enjoy great beer. In 2015, they decided to start brewing and invested in a small pilot system.  Sample 2 Beers: German style Hefeweizen, a vanilla cacao Imperial stout.