Crawford Can’t Even Get Respect in Video Games


By Scott King @ScottKingMedia

Corey Crawford may as well walk around the Windy City uttering quips to strangers like “I helped bring two Stanley Cups to Chicago… they told me to bring another. No respect I tell ya.”

Crawford has long been the Rodney Dangerfield of NHL goalies, and unfortunately, it’s getting worse.

To the fans’ credit, the “Corey” chants have gotten louder and louder each season at the United Center, but he’s still the go-to person to blame when things aren’t going well. There were serious holes in the Hawks’ defensive pairs last season and Crawford still took a lot of the blame for their woes. With the acquisition of Brian Campbell this offseason, you can expect better numbers from the netminder this year.

Although some fans may be catching on to Crawford’s incomparable concentration, poise and athleticism, it’s time for some national media outlets to do the same.

Crawford finished the 2015–2016 season tied for fourth in save percentage with .924. He also tallied 35 wins and lead the league in shutouts (7). His goals against average was a less than stellar 2.37, but take into account the disappointing year for Chicago’s defense.

The NHL Network ranked Crawford #7 on their top 10 goaltenders list and Yahoo! Sports ranked him #11 on their top 25 list, both for the 2016-2017 season. To add virtual insult to real life injury, EA Sports’ NHL 17 player ratings have Crawford at #45 overall.

In the video game, Crawford is behind such players as #32 Pekka Rinne (.908 sv %, 34 wins, 2.48 GAA, 4 shutouts last season).

It was absurd enough that the Predators’ Rinne made the All-Stars (in Nashville…) with the poor season he had, but to be ahead of Crawford in any kind of contest is criminal. Crawford beat him in virtually every goaltending stat imaginable.

EA’s NHL team might retort that they have their own stats for goalies. Ones like “reflexes,” “athletic” and “puck Control.” Which is fine, and of course gameplay is going to be different than the actual sport, but the hierarchy should be incredibly similar, no? Shouldn’t the cream always rise to the top?

Goaltenders that had a good regular season like Corey Schneider (.924 sv %, 27 wins, 2.15 GAA, 4 shutouts last season), who outranks Crawford on all three lists, should be judged more by past playoff performances and playoff duration. And that’s been Crawford’s time to shine the last several seasons.

If certain media outlets or video game designers continue to fail to see Crawford’s reliability and production, may I suggest a subscription from my doctor, Dr. Vinny Boombatz.

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