The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 8-25-16

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201611:02 PM

Thank you, as always, for listening tonight! We appreciate it. We will wrap up the week tomorrow! Talk to you at 7pm.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201610:48 PM

Make sure to follow Greg Flamm on Twitter.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201610:47 PM

A few more!

Patty PlayPal doll

— condition:

“almost poor”.


I have the t shirt from U2s first US concert in 1982. I got
it when they played the U of I Champaign auditorium which only seated 3000 and
it wasn’t even filled.



I have a mr. Bill t-shirt from Saturday Night Live

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201610:28 PM

People love their old things.

Clean copy of super bowl shuffle album…Worth anything?


Have old Brookfield Zoo postcard


I’m bragging about my ThunderCats VHS tape that my mother
recorded for me when I was a kid every morning waking up before so that’s my


Comiskey Park poster signed by Bo Jackson


Snoopy coin commemorating first moonwalk. Bought at parade
in Chicago with astronauts )I think)?1967?


How about Hillary Clinton’s yearbook, Maine East? ….
written in a lot because it’s somebody elses


I have an original photo of Shirley temple


I won first prize in a fox kids contest- Power Rangers
season 1 on VHS, headshots signed by all the Rangers, shoe laces, lunch box,
andthe Dragonzord sword that plays music when you push the button


the whole 69 cubs on a ball i know it is real as it was passed down where could
i get it authenticated?


I have the Dr. Who album with picture of all the Dr.’s on
the record itself


Vintage airlines posters circa 1965 of marina city and
Chicago River


I have a baby blue 1969 Chicago police riot Helmet, that my
father stole off An officers head during the riots in Chicago… He was 19 at
the time. He gave it to me when I moved to Chicago


Hey Justin I love this segment swap meet with Greg. I have
the 2005 White Sox World Series game 2 ticket stub in a lanyard is that worth


A baseball signed by the entire cubs starting lineup from
either 1998 or 99. Everyone except sammy Sosa and Glen Ellyn hill. The ball was
a foul ball from the game if that makes any difference


Hi. I have a vhs copy of the 1984 olympics. Still watch it.


Got an old football from my grandpa. It’s from 1963 and its
signed by the 1963 bears players, coaches and owners. Not sure what it’s worth.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201610:22 PM

Love the stuff that Greg brings in.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 201610:15 PM

We’re talking about your old junk on Swap Meet!!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20169:23 PM

Go see ’em at City Winery!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20169:23 PM

Love Garfunkel and Oates!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20168:53 PM

Indeed (630)

If ever I have to receive bad news like If my gerbil dies,
I want this guys voice to tell me. He could say anything and it’s just soothing

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20168:43 PM

The great Wayne Messmer!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20168:12 PM

Love this!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20167:36 PM

Oh, Wayne Messmer is here! He’ll be on for the entire 8pm hour.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20167:36 PM

Will do (773)

This is for when Wayne Messmer is on. I used to work with
him at the Cubs, in the PA Booth with organist Gary Pressy. Wayne is not only a
Chicago treasure, he’s a world-class whistler. Have him demonstrate. He really
needs to record a record, something like: Wayne Whistles the Hits. Cheers,
Andie G


peterzimmermanwgnam August 25, 20167:12 PM

Happy to have you with us tonight! Hope to keep you entertained until 11pm.