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Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20167:13 PM

We are back at it for a Wednesday! Looking forward to keeping you entertained for the next four hours.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20167:13 PM

We’ll talk to the writer and director of the Barack and Michelle Obama date movie, “Southside with You” a little after 8pm.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20167:37 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20167:43 PM

Talkin’ taxes with The Daily Line’s Mike Fourcher. 


peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20168:09 PM

“Southside with You” looks good!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20168:22 PM

Thanks (708)


peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20169:14 PM

Check out this article about the story that Abraham and Justin are talking about right now.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20169:15 PM

And as always, listen to all of Abraham’s podcasts.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 20169:22 PM

Good point! (224)

My comment- any HS or college includes ANY kind of music in
its FINE ARTS department.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:05 PM

Matt Cline is here so let’s play PickNick! Picking new, authentic and legitimate nicknames for Travis Wood and Matt Szczur!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:25 PM

Some great nicknames coming in!

Matt ceasar “Romero”


Matt Szczur-nickname-“Spellcheck!” Someone’s
gotta buy him a vowel for Christmas…..C’mon….


For Travis Wood ” Rolaids” because that’s how I
spell relief!


The Crouton kid


Matt “the law” Sczur. Born in a court house


Hail. (Hail Caesar)




the balif- born in the courthouse


Great czsar ghost


Pan,pan after little Caesars


Salad Shooter


The Neutron Crouton!


“Oggles” because Matt Sees Her. Also “All
Hail” as the too obvious choice.


Just FYI he’s Polish and in Polish his name, regrettably,
means “rat”


Anchovies are in Caesar salad. Call him fish man


The Big Anchovy


For Matt, “inspector gadget”

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:34 PM

More contributions to PickNick!

Pizza pizza!


Matt the Griller Ceaser


the log splitter


The Salad Shooter.


Travis wood, taxi driver


The Axe. For wood


Travis Wood- #37 (3+7=10) born in ’87 (=15)police signal
10-15 is a police call for civil disturbance. Call him Riot Act.


The lumberjack!


Sal Minnow – take on Salad Anchovies


Oak” or “Oak Tree” for Wood. He’s solid.


Travis “big”wood!


For Travis: T Dubs. Like. Buffalo wild wings is B Dubs


The Craftsman for Travis Wood – crafts different pitches
for left and right handed batters and it’s a reference to a Woodcrafter.


Travis “hard” wood


Travis “Cooter” Wood. Cooter was the best character
on Dukes of Hazzard.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:44 PM

Good one!

Incoming MMS Image from Unnamed

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:52 PM

So many good ones!

Travis Big Stick Wood


Travis Tiger Wood


Travis Walking Tall Wood


Matt “The Rat” Szczur…in Polish his name
translates to rat


Travis Wood-BIG Birch! (a play on wood and Big Bird)


Travis chainsaw wood


Travis cottage cheese Wood


The wood chipper


Matt Szczur – Empire! ! (Roman Empire)


Travis Sawsall (Sawzall)Wood


Matt epilepsy seizure


Ratsoe for Matt S


A rail splitter splits logs destroying batters


Matt Cesar: CeeZee, CZ or Ceezy (like Yeezy)


How are you going to not mention minefor Travis, it’s the
best one…”Rolaids “


Lil Woody and Mc’ Lil Bear


The Axeman


Travis Splitter Wood


Sczur- Donation Station

Wood- The Chisel


Travis Wood – Timber!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:54 PM

And finally:

I wish someone from the cubs roster would call and shut
this down

peterzimmermanwgnam August 24, 201610:55 PM

That’s it for the show. We really are grateful that you listen each night. We’ll talk to you tomorrow at 7pm!