Who is “Bennett Cumberbatch” (aka Bennett Wakenight)?

Producer, Bennett Wakenight

Producer, Bennett Wakenight

You might have heard Steve throw around a couple different nicknames on air such as “Cumberbatch”, “Cumberbottom”, “Cucumber”, or simply, “Bennett”. Well, this is what I’m commonly referred to as around WGN because there is a rumor that Bennett Wakenight isn’t my real name (which it is), and I’m tall and lanky like the real Benedict Cumberbatch.

Despite my old soul, and eerie resemblance to a certain “Sherlock Holmes”, I’m a young Chicagoan looking to keep radio thriving. I’ve been at WGN for the past year and a half producing for “The Dave Plier Show”, “The Great Outdoors with Charlie Potter”, “The Opening Bell”, and “Dean Richards’ Sunday Mornings”.

As one of the token millennials at the station, I bike to most places in the city, I’m great at Snapchat, and I appreciate a good karaoke bar (Bohemian Rhapsody is, hands down, my favorite). To keep up with my happenings, Instagram is my favorite social medium, but as you might guess, I am also on Twitter and Facebook.

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“Cumbercatch” aka “Cumberbottom” aka “Cucumber” aka “Bennett”