The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 8-23-16

Justin Kaufmann in the Allstate Showcase Studio

Justin Kaufmann in the Allstate Showcase Studio

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20167:13 PM

We’re back for a Tuesday! Looking forward to our chat with J.B. Pritzker coming up after 8!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20167:32 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20167:46 PM

Here is the piece that Nick Denton wrote about the demise of Gawker.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20168:15 PM

I like it (773)!

“Kaufmann Staulkmann” Chicago celebrity stalker
app… Steve Gadlin get on it!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20168:21 PM

Great chat with J.B. Pritzker

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 20169:08 PM

Great interview with JB Pritzker! 

(or not according to the 606)

Screw u and more taxes! Also, I’ve heard BS’ers before, but
u guys top them ALL! Liberal Losers! NEVER CLINTON, NEVER EVER!!!!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 201610:29 PM

Great #TheWorst!

The Worst ?

Children singing.


The WORST is when you & your husband try to sneak in a
“quickie” before dinner, then within seconds you realize he had been
cutting up hot peppers while cooking!!! Our quickie ended with me sitting in a
tub of cold water…Ouch!!!


The worst is when you get on the highway for an hour long
drive to work from Michigan to Indiana and your realize your coffee is at home
sitting on the kitchen counter


The worst is reaching to answer your cell phone and realize
the ring is coming from the TV…thats the worst.


The worse is when people who don’t kno your name seek yor
attention by poking u in the arm with their long bony finger


The worst is Pre-paying cash for your gasoline at a
convenience store and then the clerk strikes up a conversation with you when
done talking you leave and forget to pump your gas


Is when you’re the last one out the office and you have to
call the boss back because you locked your car keys in the office, sigh


The worst is Hairy tatoos. It’s like a? woman with perfect
makeup…. and a mustache.


The worst is when the pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese
sticks to the roof of your mouth and smokes it and you get a blister


When you’ve ordered a small sized appetizer at a restaurant
one week then you come back a week later and order the large size but YOU KNOW


The worst is construction zone speed limits when there is
nobody working. There was a sign saying no construction going on during the
holiday weekend, but I still got a $375 ticket for doing the regular posted
speed limit and not the construction zone speed limit.


The worst is these west coast start times for cubs games


When you are in a arena with a horse and other people and
someone passed gas and blames the horse


When you get an awesome sub with some mayo on it and the
you take the 1st 2 bites and the meat and cheese shoots out the butt end so
then you are force to take a bite of just meat and cheese with no bread. No


When you get an awesome sub with some mayo on it and the
you take the 1st 2 bites and the meat and cheese shoots out the butt end so
then you are force to take a bite of just meat and cheese with no bread. No


The worst is when you’re talking to someone across a table
and then out of the blue, boom, you get nailed with one of their teeny, tiny,
rogue spit missiles that launched from their mouth. And then it gets really
weird. Do you say something when they ignore it and just go on talking or do

 just pretend it
never happened?

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 201610:51 PM

Love playing #TheWorst!

The worst is that I have a very uncomfortable pillow. Cathy


Going into Target to get a specific item, then as you’re
driving out of the parking lot you realize that item is not one of the fifteen you
actually bought.



The worst…can’t find your phone at home, your battery is
almost dead, you turned the ringer down low…you have to sit quietly to wait
for a barely audible BEEP to try to find it.


The worst is when you go into a gas station bathroom in a
hurry and you lift up the lid and instead of seeing a porcelain bowl, you see a
black hole, a bottomless pit – it’s one of those waterless, ecologically
friendly toilets. First time I looked down one of those, I thought I saw China,
that’s how deep they are.


The worst is when you get a coupon for an expensive place
that you love, and it expires in, like, half a year, and when you remember you
have it, it’s a day past the expiration date.


The worst is when you pull out your stove or fridge and see
shmutz that’s been there for 20 years.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 23, 201611:02 PM

Thanks for listening to the show everyone! We really appreciate it. We’ll talk to you tomorrow at 7pm. Another great show for you!