Photo courtesy of Kristy Vicari

Photo courtesy of Kristy Vicari


11) The oiled up dude has limited career opportunities now. Wait…BACHELOR TONGA maybe?

10) NBC’s coverage was…on some level…boring. Love Al Michaels, Costas, Matt Lauer and Hoda too BUT the Peacock MUST find new ways to liven up the format. The world moves too fast to leave the next Games to old dudes yapping in studio or old dudes doing tired PBP.

9) Super Colorful doesn’t completely make up for BIG MONEY spending in Opening and Closing ceremonies.

8) BUT…having said that…RIO delivered these games safely and no one thought they could and apparently…mostly…Zika-mosquito free.

7) Women’s track legends are born in Abbey D’Agostino of the U.S. and Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand. They fell over each other then helped each other up to finish. Great sportsmanship defined.

6) 43 refugee athletes who escaped their home countries with their lives competed in RIO. Nothing short of miraculous.

5) Katie Ledecky is only 19 and CRUSHING everybody in the pool. How much better can she get by Tokyo?

4) What does Usain Bolt do with the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of his day?

3) Simone Biles must be part slinky, part superball, part bounce house…and all rockstar.

2) Michael Phelps’s run was like watching MJ and Tiger in their prime…without the swim cap.

1) Drunk, selfish, and mind-numbingly stupid is quite a way to end your career…Ryan Lochte.

Thanks for listening.