Kathy and Judy Live Blog 8/20/16

Behind-the-scenes antics and texts that don’t make the air.

Kristin Decker August 20, 201610:53 AM

Why don’t they use the same drugs on humans that they use on dogs when putting them down?
I’m not a veterinarian nor am I an anesthesiologist so this is purely an opinion, but I can’t imagine that what they use to put down dogs would work on humans. Maybe the drugs or chemicals aren’t as strong for dogs? Or it could feel different for dogs, sort of like how their food tastes different to them compared to us.

Just bring back the guillotine

There is a law that prevents the same medication to be used on animals and humans.

I’ve also wondered why they don’t use sodium penethol, truth syrum, on criminals…if it works that way for medical treatments.

They use phenobarbital in some states which is commonly used on animals.

Kristin Decker August 20, 201611:34 AM

Letting Go:

Oh my goodness, I have cried a little every day since I dropped my daughter off on Wednesday. Then I laughed and cried a little more, and then she texted me that she found a boy in the shower showering yesterday and how funny it was. I think this is going to be a long mom year. -Deanne

My son is a senior and I’m upset that we didn’t get a move in day this year because he is living in the same house as last year and was there all summer for an internship !

So I’m home here listening to you and my college freshman boy is texting me with laundry questions right now!

But when you go by the empty room and see it still clean day after day that’s nice and a parent can easily get used to it. Jeff

If you think the college thing is tough, send your only grandson off to basic training in the Air Force knowing you can’t talk to him at all for maybe 6 weeks. I got thru it much easier than his mother. Its almost 10 years & still when it comes to Say Goodbye the tears flow. So glad you girls are back on,the radio!

My daughter is a senior at NIU this year. A picture from freshman year drop off popped up on Facebook yesterday. I cried for an hour. We couldn’t be prouder, but still miss that face!

My youngest is 26 and I’m crying listening to your Letting Go show. 😢

We are sending our grandson off in 2 weeks for his sophomore year. We took custody of him when he was 11 due to family problems. He is an absolute delight. An eagle scout who is going to college on scholarships. I start to cry everyone we talk about his going back…we raised other children and my husband and I don’t understand why we feel l like we do. Our friends this afternoon we are crazy!! My husband is very anxious as our grandson is the only one who can work rhe remotes! My grandson told my husband he will set up skipe on our computer so that my husband can hold the remote up to it and Justin will tell him what NOT to push. I would have called but I’m now blubbering..I’m over you girl!!

Thanks girls for making all the ladies and girls cry😭

OMG – My kids are in their 30s. College is a distant memory. But you’ve once again turned me into a pile of goo! Please stop!

I had to turn off the show because I have to go into work and I can’t stop crying! And my kid’s only in preschool!

I forced my son to listen to this with me every college weekend, lol. He’s 29 now. My other son is in college now and I’m listening to this with him. He said, “I thought this was over!” You guys came back at the perfect time!

I have to stop listening to your show because I can’t stop crying, and my boys are 33, 30, and 28!

That last caller had me crying in the shower. What i am going to be sad about is i will be alone with my husband 😩

I am crying thinking of my mom holding back tears as we pulled up in front of my dorm~ ~~and I’m retired!

We pulled into the gas station to fill up on the way out of town after dropping off our daughter. Every day was out of the car filling up… With sunglasses on… Every mom is the front seat was crying hysterically. I felt reassured to be one of the group!

Kathy and Judy. I too remember listening to your show when I was younger and watching my mom cry and laughing. My son left a week ago to go back to grad school, and I lost it! My senior daughter said, you still have me! Not for long! Love the show

My daughter is 33. I’ m years removed from this situation, but your segment today made me cry.

Kristin Decker August 20, 201611:48 AM

Has anybody ever wore something that embarrassed you?

My husband refers to our daughter as his fashion insultant and not his fashion consultant.

Men’s cargo pants are the equivalent to oversize purses for women.

My mother wore so much gold we called her Mr.T

Monday thru Friday, my husband dresses like Million bucks. Weekend, he puts on wrinkled shorts with high top tennis shoes……. It’s awful. He wants “to be comfortable”

Years ago my ex-husband used to wear a T-shirt that said “Party To You Puke”. Like I said my ex-husband…

My husband is not!the best dresser, brown polyester pants, nurse like shoes, but he just lost a bottom front tooth and hasn’t had it replaced. I’m so mortified. We aren’t white trash

MY HUSBAND!!!! Hates to dress up! Wears ugly stuff that’s he’s comfortable in. I buy him nice things BUT WE FIGHT
OVER IT EVERY TIME! I tell him he’s a :reflection of me and he’s says walk ahead of me
Married 53 years and still fighting over it

One Halloween,
6 months at pregnant at age 45, I painted my belly like a jack-o lantern and went to a restaurant where my 13 year old son was having lunch with his friends. He was horrified

My step-sister wore sweat pants to her father’s funeral. White top, purple pants.

I took my teenage daughters to a concert if my choice (Prince) and after the younger one said, ” you dressed better and acted better than the other moms there!”