The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 8-19-16

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20167:19 PM

We’ve made it to the end of the week! Coming up: “Week in Review!”

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20167:26 PM

Who knew that Justin’s boat shoe problems would resonate with the WGN audience?

Tape from the inside


Wear grocery bags over your shoes


Come on man you’re not working a minimum-wage job go buy
some shoes


My dad does that all the time. Then he spray paints the
tape to match his shoe. Usually his gym shoes


I just got duct tape at Walmart for $2.97


Regarding your boat shoes – just how low are the salaries
that WGN is currently paying???


Flex Seal works great on waterproofing shoes too


Justin, not sure why you don’t go back to DSW & they
will gladly take your back shoes, instead of wasting more money & buying
tape to fix the shoe!


Gorilla tape works best


Liquid nails

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20167:44 PM

What was the big story for you this week?

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20168:19 PM

Thanks (847)

Justin, called DSW on Clark & Diversey, spoke to Mandy
the manager, & she said, they have to look @ the shoes before they could
make a decision, how much wear & tear! I didn’t give any names!


peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20169:07 PM

Really great stuff from Martha and Ethan tonight. Check out their work.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20169:17 PM

Dance for Life is such a great event. Go!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 20169:46 PM

Thanks to Mollie Green for fan jamming the Olympics the last couple of weeks.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 201610:36 PM

Steve Gadlin is missing! Where is Steve? Listeners have some ideas.

He’s late because… waiting on the umbrella Uber person


Look under the bed


Maybe he couldn’t find any new chemicals that children
under 10 couldn’t consume.


He was kidnapped by a Master Gardener


Exploding piñata !!!


Quack pack was the best!


How all ideas were Bluetooth compatible! Lol


Maybe C3P3 got him


Steve was kidnaped and on his way to invention Hell.


Favorite frying pan ideas…

Mine was unmeltable ice cream


He’s working on your shoe problem, trying to find an
alternative to duct tape


I spoke to him a hour ago, he was testing his latest
improvement to the colorful raccoon mulch. Such a brilliant mind, I hope he is


or… maybe he developed the “Gatlinburger” a
high velocity sandwich delivery system and there was a malfunction?


The library where you take your own books and then pay a
fee to check them out and read them


I just started a Steve Gadlin tribute band called Digatle


maybe he’s working on a blue tooth enabled excuse

and is ignoring you tonight so he can test it.

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 201610:54 PM

More ideas for Steve:

I wanted to feel good about myself by listening to Justin
read rejection texts on Steve idea. Now I have nothing


Yes! Steve is a genius!


My source tells me he’s on the Cruise Ship at the Olympics
with the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team.


Why would you use the “me first”? Because you are
damn hungry


Look under the bed with Jefferson


The texts in are more entertaining than the actual ideas


Fav was bulk banana peeler with long blades – yet safe for


Do you guys know if any of Steve’s pitches that he has shared
with us have been accepted by Mark? May he R.I.P.!

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 201610:55 PM

And again we hope Steve is okay:)

peterzimmermanwgnam August 19, 201611:00 PM

Thanks for listening everyone! Hope y’all have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday at 7pm!