Penguins coming back to Lincoln Park Zoo … and they can take Chicago heat

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Dave Bernier, general curator at the zoo, standing in the new penguin cove. (Mina Bloom / DNAinfo)

LINCOLN PARK — The days of seeing penguins at the Lincoln Park zoo while crammed in a dark indoor space are over.

The zoo is debuting a brand new outdoor habitat for a new species of penguin this fall. When it opens to the public on Oct. 6, it will be the first time since the deteriorating Kovler Penguin-Seabird House closed in 2011 that visitors will be able to see penguins at the zoo.

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This time the zoo is bringing in black-footed South African penguins, which “have a much wider range of temperatures they can live with, which works really well in Chicago,” unlike the Antarctic-native rockhopper penguins in the previous exhibit, according to Dave Bernier, general curator at the zoo.

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