The Wintrust Business Lunch: Adam Kramer and Katharina Barbie

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Alan C. Fox and Rob Hart

If you’re a regular listener of The Wintrust Business Lunch then you’ll notice that the picture on this episode of the show is not Steve Bertrand.  It is, in fact, Rob Hart (on the right!).  That’s because Rob is filling in for Steve today to bring you two back-to-back segments packed with advice.  Rob talks to Adam Kramer, the social media marketing director for Golden Tee Golf – one of the most successful gaming machine brands in the United States.  Chances are, if you’ve ever visited a dive bar, you’ve played a couple rounds of Golden Tee.  Next, Katharina Barbie – who is the Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Northern Illinois University – talks about the  foreign languages that every soon-to-be successful business must know.