Cochran Blog: How do I do this Blogging Thing?

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Mary Van De Velde

So I get this homework assignment from Steve, the bossman, that I have to blog something by last week. I have no idea what the rush is since I don’t think anyone is dying to read about what I cooked last night for dinner, how I’m generally feeling today, or what reality show I watched last night. I had to get directions on how to do it from disappointing Kevin since I don’t blog, tweet, Skype, etc. I guess it’s kind of like writing in a diary or listening to Andy Rooney at the end of “60 Minutes”. I can hear his nasal tone now pushing my fingers to complain about something….”I’ve often wondered why”….I loved Andy Rooney…
Anyway, in case you must know….my husband cooked this awesome salmon dinner last night with vegetable shish kabobs on the grill. We can now eat fish since my youngest son Will left for college last week and he hated fish. So instead of making 2 dinners, we usually just avoided fish and had chicken. So this is one advantage to having him gone, besides the grocery bill being way down and it’s a lot quieter in the house. I’ll miss him more tomorrow when it’s pasta night (Will’s idea) and we no longer have to make pasta if we choose not to. This makes me very sad all of a sudden. No sadder than another episode of “Hoarders”, which really depresses me. I mean, just move the people out of the house for goodness sake and get them some help. The homes are usually uninhabitable anyway or full of rodents. I know it’s an illness to live like that and these people really need help, but why are there always cats and really unattractive sons and daughters involved during the whole show??
Well, is that how I blog and is anyone actually still reading this? It was actually kind of fun…