Cochran Blog: Chicago by Andrea Darlas

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I love Chicago.  It sounds cliché, but I love this city.  Maybe it’s because I’m born and raised on the south side/south suburbs, but there are so many wonderful facets to this city.  Often erroneously Chicago is thrown into the national spotlight and the focus on guns and gangs overtakes more than it should when it comes to the city’s reputation.  In my opinion, Chicago hasn’t earned it’s notorious national nickname of “Chiraq”.  It’s an insult to all of the beauty and good that lies within this city of broad shoulders. Whether it’s our majestic skyline, the electric feeling you get walking down Michigan Avenue on a warm, summer day, or enjoying our wonderful restaurant scene or spectacular exhibits at our museums.

People ask me all the time when I’m working at WGN-TV….is it hard to cover murders and shootings every weekend?  The answer is an obvious yes.  But the balance is when you get to cover a feel-good story like the Jackie Robinson team making it to the Little League World Series….or a little girl named Kahley who knits mittens to raise money to buy dolls for sick children…or a group like CARA, which finds homes and jobs for the homeless.  These are the stories that drive and motivate me.  These are the stories we need to remember, respect and reflect on.

As I drive into work each morning at 4am, I see literally see the beauty of Chicago in a different light. I see the towering skyline, the buildings all aglow and I stop for a minute (usually at a lengthy red light) and realize all that is good in this City.  I think it’s a light we all should step back and reflect on.



The city skyline looms in the distance as the sun’s first rays of the day start to light up the morning sky Friday, Aug. 16, 2013 at the Fullerton Street Beach along Lake Michigan in Chicago. (Anthony Souffle / Chicago Tribune)