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Riverfront Plaza Hosts Local Artists For Pop-Up Outdoor Gallery  

CHICAGO (August 1, 2014) – The Plaza Project announces a complimentary, two day pop-up art exhibit, featuring work from some of Chicago’s most talented, rising creatives. Commuters, visitors and loop-dwellers are encouraged visit Two North Riverside Plaza for a taste of culture and a brief respite from their daily grind.

“The Plaza looks forward to hosting local talent, offering our daily guests a brief immersion into the art world,” said Bill Bartolotta, Plaza Project Creative Director.  “We look forward to sharing our appreciation of artistic expression with the public and hope that through this effort those in the area look forward to passing through our space.”

Guests of the Plaza are invited to experience the pop-up gallery complements of The Plaza Project anytime, but offer the following special events for a more elevated experience:

Thursday, August 21, 11am – 1pm: Rock the Plaza Lunch exhibition, featuring Big Star

Thursday, August 21, 5pm – 7pm: Gallery opening party, featuring The NOSH

Friday, August 22, 11am – 2pm: The NOSH Lunch Market on The Plaza

The Two North Riverside Pop-up Gallery is co-curated by Phillip Solomonson; AKA Philamonjaro Studio, a photographer and digital producer by trade, Phillip has drawn upon his network of emerging Chicago artists and is a stanch believer in the quality, depth and breath of art here in Chicago. Artists include: Reisha Williams, Martha Wade, Robert Lewis Clarke, Darren Pollard, Zac Franzoni, Ian Bennent, Christopher Breedlove, Misa Art, Steve Hokanson and Phillip Solomonson.

The pop-up gallery will be open August 21 & 22 from 10 a.m. through 7 p.m. For more details please visit

About The Plaza Project

The Plaza Project is a creative platform established to embrace the innate design of Two North Riverside Plaza, showcasing curated artistic endeavors gratis for thousands of daily visitors. The outdoor, riverfront space offers its beautiful architecture and design as a prime destination for Chicago’s non-profits, corporations and individuals for various marketing and event purposes. For more information please visit

About The Two North Riverside Plaza

Two North Riverside Plaza is located on the west bank of the Chicago River directly across the water from the Chicago Civic Opera Building, nestled between two of the loop’s primary thoroughfares and surrounded by some of Chicago’s most powerful corporate entities. Showcasing modern American architecture, including works from the Machine Age, the building harmoniously features progressive industrial elements with accents of ancient art.  Two North Riverside Plaza is a current classic that offers not only the best of location, function and design, but also direct river access and an indoor connection to Ogilvie Station, one of the city’s busiest hubs for commuter traffic. Formerly established as The Chicago Daily News Building, Two North Riverside Plaza opened its doors to the public in 1929 and continues to uphold an earned artistic reputation through its innate design as well as featuring a discerning selection of Chicago’s best creative talent.  For more information please visit