Pete Pistone: Perspective on Tony Stewart From Someone Who Knows

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  • Mark Reiter

    I love listening to you on my way into work but this morning you were way out of your league when trying to comment on the Kevin Ward tragedy. Obviously you are not a race fan and had no clue what kind of cars they were racing, as well as referring to Ward as Hardy not once but a few times including with Pete Pistone. I know you were trying but it came off as trying to sensationalize an unfortunate racing accident. For the most part most of the country would not have known who Kevin Ward was if the incident didn't involve Tony Stewart. His local news may have reported his death or we may have read it in National Speed Sport or heard of it through another racing outlet, Chicago news outlets would more than likely not have mentioned a blurb about his passing. Every now and then a serious accident happens in motor sports and we don't hear anything about it unless a big name is involved. The last thing that needs to happen in this situation is for the media to sensationalize it before all the facts are in, especially those trying to report on it who think racing starts with Daytona and ends with Indy. In the Chicago area we are blessed with quite a few tracks within an easy drive: Chicagoland Speedway to Rockford Speedway, Sycamore Speedway to Wilmot Raceway as well as others including Kart and Motorcycle tracks. Have Pete on some more, especially as the story unfolds, so that you and your listeners can learn more and that's not a dig.

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