Walter’s Perspective: Red-light cameras and record political spending

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The red-light camera problems have captured everybody’s attention. People are angry, and Rahm Emanuel has been ducking questions. Walter Jacobson joins Bob and Marianne to discuss who’s to blame and how those who’ve been wrongly ticketed will get their money back.

Walter also has an opinion about the political spending of Bruce Rauner and Gov. Pat Quinn. The race for governor is the most expensive in the history of Illinois. Walter says they’re “buying the office.”



Bob Sirott, Walter Jacobson and Marianne Murciano (WGN Radio)

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  • jcwconsult

    Red light (and speed) cameras WILL be an ongoing story all this year and may play a real role in the next elections. The media and many Chicago residents are TIRED of the scandals and the scams, and are demanding serious changes – if not the outright end to ticket camera programs.

    In Houston, outcries like these did result in the end of the red light cameras, and this is the only real solution to the scams in Chicago. Expecting the city to operate the programs fairly and justly is simply not a realistic expectation. Residents who want the cameras ended should repeatedly contact the Aldermen and the Mayor's office to make their wishes crystal clear.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

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