Hundreds of Illinois Workers Fight for Stolen Wages, Join National Lawsuit

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What:   While debtors in Delaware claim debt payments in court from Source Interlink, Illinois workers  demand 60-days of back wages.

Where: Source Interlink Media, 500 N Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60654

Who:    One hundred workers from Source Interlink, community supporters

When:  Tuesday, July 22nd. 2014, at 10:30 am


Jorge Mujica, Strategic Campaigns Organizer, Arise Chicago | 773-844-9910

On July 22nd, debtors of Source Interlink Distribution will go to court in Delaware to demand payment from the magazine distribution giant. In Illinois, hundreds of workers will demand their share–two months of wages for violations of the WARN Act.


“Source Interlink suddenly closed its doors in McCook leaving hundreds of workers without paychecks”, says former worker Milton Landaverde. “They knew for months they had financial problems and did not warn the workers. They have created now a big financial problem for us, workers who made the company function until its last day.”


Source Interlink shut down its locations nationwide, including Suburban Chicago, leaving approximately 6,000 workers out on the street.  Workers allege that the company was required to warn them 60 days before closing or pay 60 days of wages, but did neither. The company filed for bankruptcy a week later.


The workers have joined a national class action lawsuit and are being supported by local workers’ rights organization, Arise Chicago, to fight for their stolen wages.