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Elysabeth Alfano Gives A “Taste” of The Dinner Party!

Taste of Chicago is changing in tastier ways every year by adding food trucks and pop up restaurants and in 2014 even bringing us an on site version of the local hit event “The Dinner Party”. Hear Dinner Party host and creator Elysabeth Alfano with Hannah and Dane of Flavor HD as she gives us a behind the scenes look at planning for the show at TASTE & the magic of mixing great guest and great conversation. Elysabeth fills us in on all her projects including the new Dinner Party-TO GO!…GO to www.TheDinnerParty.tv for all the latest!

Dinner Party Pic

photo credit: Elysabeth Alfano


1 Comment to “Elysabeth Alfano Gives A “Taste” of The Dinner Party!”

    Elysabeth Alfano said:
    July 15, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    Photo Credit: The Fabulous Chuck Osgood! :)

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